Friday, June 04, 2004


System Time: 8:45 AM
God, i'm sleepy... *yawns* it's raining again and it's such a straining effort to haul yourself from bed when it's cold and dark outside.. i don't like the rain that much.. especially if it's a work day..hassle least i'm not wearing our college uniform anymore.. during the rainy season, i would go to class with brown spots at the bottom of my white skirt.. waaaah.. then if i get really lucky i would even get splashed with flood water by some passing vehicles.. just terrific. -_-

i've been helping my mom make some macrame necklaces and bracelets.. she's going to bazaar at DBP this Monday so she's gonna need to sell as many items as she can.. it's also the reason why i've been sleep deprived this week..

System Time:11:15 AM
ohmigod. my system is being tested by the user and he encountered problems as soon as he started encoding. bwahaha. i had to empty the table just so he could start testing it.. so my heart would jump everytime my phone would ring (thinking it might be Carlo, the one who is testing my system) .. can you believe my phone rang for 5 times in just 5 minutes? only the first one was from Carlo.. then the next were Miss Femy from Radix, and the next 3 were for Sir Joel.. (people keep forgetting that he already changed his local) waaah. think my heart is palpitating. *breathe in, breathe out*

System Time: 2:10 PM
grabe.. i'm so friggin full (TG!).. we lunched out at Dad's/Saisaki.. eat-till-you-get-sick (which is exactly what i did).. i mean, what else would one do with all those food available for you? eat, eat, eat until you're sooo full, all you can do is stare into i can hardly breathe and my stomach is bigger than my boobs.. lol.. think i ate a kilo of tuna and salmon sashimi, makis, sushis, tempura, yakitoris ( i could go all day lol).. arrrgh. i should remind myself that gluttony is a sin.

System Time: 4:20 PM
i'm still full! waah. and i feel as if there's a battle happening in my stomach.. did you know that being full makes you groggy.. i'm feeling as if i haven't slept for days.. su-ckyyy.

System Time: 6:06 PM
still here in Prumerica.. i actually have to go to Radix to get my allowance but i'm still waiting for Dex..

System Time: 7:32 PM
..i'm now here at Radix, posting my blogs.. (still waiting for Dex, though).. bye for now, gonna watch HP (or at least, attempt to.. the lines are unbelievable).. have a good one! bye!

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