Wednesday, June 16, 2004

...where are the people in the neighborhood?

My blog last June 11, 2004:

System Time: 10:10 AM
i'm back in the office.. after being absent for 3 1/2 days! waahahaha. still feel a bit under the weather but i have no fever anymore so that's good.. (i guess.. lol)

System Time: 10:36 AM
..none of our bosses are here! only Sir Loret is present.. (i'm so lucky hehe) i was working on my "how-am-i-speech" this morning..(it's best to be prepared) looks like i won't be needing it.. Ms. Marivic and Sir Felix are on some sort of training.. Sir Joel and Sir Philbert are sick.. and Ate pretz.. dunno, she goes to work after lunch so i'm still not sure if she's going to work or not.. so that just leaves the 3 of us (Me, Mario and Raymond) and Sir Loret.. this just feels like the time when my HS OIC got sick.. we were like hyenas that got loose..

System Time:10:46 AM
lunch out daw, Janice said.. hmm.. what do i want to eat.. hmm..

System Time: 12:50 PM
*whew*.. almost feels like a walkaton everytime we eat at Glorietta.. we first went to National to see if they sell tickets (they don't) so we just went back to French Baker (Landmark) and ate their.. We did check out the Skechers store 'cause they got watches whose style i like.. (can't explain it here.. it's like the watch is embossed on top of the leather) it's cheaper too.. just 2590 bucks..unlike the 6k version by fossil.. i'll probably buy it later.. (syempre cc haha)

System Time: 1:08 PM
/me daydreaming of the watch. *sighs*

hay. i'm so sleypi. maybe it's because for the past 4 days, i've been sleeping at this hour. (i was practically sleeping the whole week)

i've also been smoke-free for 7 days. woohoo. maybe i'll be able to continue this for the rest of my life. hehe. (wish ko langgg)

shit i'm sleepy. -_-

System Time: 1:22 PM
arrgh i can't work! i'm too sleepy (and too lazy..) can't believe it's only 1:22 pm.. more than 4 hours to go.. suckkkyy.

System Time:2:56 PM
yey just 2+ more hours to go.. (arrived at 8:30 so i could leave by 5:30)

System Time: 4:01 PM
yey just 1 1/2 hrs to go.. woohoo. am going to Radix to see Koji and Froi.. i'll wait for Dex there again..

System Time: 5:01 PM
drats. Ma'am M is here.. but i'll still go home at 5:30pm.. hay just waiting for 30 minutes..

System Time: 5:32 PM
gaah. all my bosses are now here.. but i'm gonna go naaaaaaaaaaaaa.. babayy!

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