Friday, July 05, 2002

it has been raining hard for the last couple of days... (it's raining hard right this moment...)

watched bad company yesterday.
watched minority report today.

played house of the dead 2 yesterday.
played house of the dead 2 today.

(see a pattern?) l o l!

i was at megamol yesterday. actually.. i was supposed to be picking up my referral for the medical exam at radix (which is at boni.. was only 2 stations away from megamall..) when i got a call from Sykes Asia... i was inside the train (i wasn't fully awake yet..) and before she could say anything else (besides her name and that she's from sykes) .. i said "uhmm.. i already have a job".. then she said "oh.. okay ma'am thank you"... and then i hung up. after about 10 seconds i realized.. "dddduhhhh stupid me.. i haven't signed any contract so technically i wasn't yet employed... (signing of contract will be conducted on my first day.. which is on july 16).. i was thinking.. i mean what ifff it was for an interview or something... i took an exam for their company last month... maybe it takes them that long to process applications, right?.. anyway.. i got out at shaw station..and called them on the payphone.. at first they didn't know who called me (LOL!).. i couldn't remember her name.. all i remembered was that she said she was from Sykes.. anyway.. to make a long story short.. they FINALLY figured out who called me and it turns out.. it was just for an exam schedule (which was for today)...

the test was actually an online site where you could immediately see the results after answering it.. i got an 85% on the HTML exam (18/20) but THEN there was another exam.. an XHTML exam.. (i was like.. "dUH" ) ... waaaah i only got 11/20 questions right (55%) huhuhuh.. how d fuck would i know what XHTML is.. lolz.. was a good thing i got SOME questions right... haaaayy seems like i'm gonna be stuck at Radix after all..(for 2 years!) well.. at least i won't be a bum anymore.. and Sykes isn't even a software company.. i mean.. so what if they're on a great building.. and that they're on ortigas... or that the pay would probably be higher.. (WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... /me *shuts up!*)

LOL! seriously... Radix will make me an authentic programmer... Sykes would just make me more fluent with my english... hehehe

/me right left slide

hehe what i just did was the bowler's walk hahahaha.. hugey and i watched some students having their PE class right in megamall.. yup.. they have bowling for PE.. (turns out they were from informatics)

/me right left slides again..

/me remembers house of the dead...

grrrr i think i'm getting addicted.. i mean.. sure it's a waste of time and money but i seem to enjoy shooting those zombies LOL! (*adds "Will Finish HOuse of the Dead 2" in wish list*)

/me remembers list of things that need to be done before going to work.. waaaaaahhhhhh i think i haven't done a single thing.

/me kwits! pak it

... almost forgot.. did i already mention that i miss him terribly.. -_- he called me yesterday... he said out of nowhere that he misses me... God, how i want to believe that... he sounded so sincere and all.. waaaaaahhhhhhh but it's still a fucking cycle.. i should keep that in mind ALWAYS!..


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