Friday, July 19, 2002

grrrrrrrrrrrrr kainish.. shinut-down ng dad ko pc ko eh i haven't posted my blog yet.. pero ang dami ko ng nasulat grrrr .. i hate re-doing my blogs... cause it feels kinda fake and practiced already... tsk.. i was on the phone with ate cha and mon... (YeHey long-distance si ate cha hehe) it was already past 12 midnight.. kainish (pinagalitan na naman) asa fone daw tas bukas pc kaya ayun sinarado tsk tlgaaaaaaaaaa!

grrr i hate recalling the stuff that i's so damn hard... nyway .. i'll try my best..

i said something 'bout my friend ria's upcoming birthday... its on saturday and we were planning some sort of after-dinner-get-together (lol ria).. then we'll just go wherever we'll feel like going... but because my house is soooo poorly situated (hehe) , my parents are kinda strict and they don't allow me to still be out at an "unholy" hour... it's usually safer for me to spend the night at whoever's house and then go home the next day... well.. i hope i get permission to do exactly that on saturday... i know that i ALWAYS have to ask my folks if i can go someplace because they'll worry and everything.. i completely understand why they sometimes don't allow me to go because as my father said... "sila natutulog na ikaw bumabyahe ka pa lang pauwi" ...but sometimes it gets kinda frustrating when i'm the only one who wasn't at some party or gimik or watever.. or if i'm there but will be the first one to leave... plus it doesn't help that i'm the youngest ... *sighs*

waHaHa... /me excited sa pag-uwi ni ate cha ! gimik tayo sana payagan ako bwahaha

i decided to follow ate cha's advice.. the dont-expect!-he-considers-you-only-as-a-friend one.. mainly because i think that's what's really going on or is closest to the truth... i stopped trying to analyze everything that he says to me or give it any other meaning than the fact that he considers me his friend.. his close friend, i would like to think.... and i can live with that... the more friends , the merrier, right? i just try to appreciate our conversations and simply enjoy his company... i think that perspective works best for me (better to be safe than sorry) ^_^

tsk the week's almost over and i still haven't finished my "to dos list" ...

*YaWns* ... 1 am already... nite everyone

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