Wednesday, March 15, 2006

...Whoo! is the new Yeah!

my title of course is dedicated to Taylor Hicks, MY bet for AI.. just downloaded the mp3s and watched the video clip and caaaan't wait to see the whole show later.. Wednesday's such a cool TV night, with both the Amazing Race and American Idol on the tube..*giddy with excitement* i'm such a couch potato..good thing AXN replays Amazing race so i could watch it even on a Saturday..i like the hippies there, BJ and Tyler..but i think i've got a curse 'cause every single team that i like isn't the one who wins it.. so maybe i jinxed them.. uh-oh.. hehe

i've been pretty productive today, finishing a work request at last and reading a few AKTs.. it's probably 'cause i've downloaded the whole billboard top 20, mainstream and modern rock chart so i've been listening and dragging and dropping text boxes at the same time (it's a work request where you're not required to think)..

..also added Sam (from Remedy, Singapore) in my YM.. asked him how many years of experience i need in Remedy to be able to get a job there in Singapore.. he said i'll need at least a year.. well, that's the plan, really.. 'cause i've got a 1 year bond and after that, apply daw ako.. He also said to Liz to get back to him after a year if we're still interested para daw tulungan nya kami.. yehey! so, here's to me, praying for loads and loads and loads of work requests so that i could practice what i've learned there..wa ako pake khet pumalpak ako, mas matututo ka nga pagnagkakamali, diba? hehe! tapos sabi ng headhunter na i've talked to, (PGI Infotech) in Singapore.. jobs for Remedy usually range at 3300-3700S$.. pwedeeeeeee.

i'll be leaving in an hour.. yahoo! the day ends so much faster when i go to work at 8am..yesterday, i begged Pangs to let me sleep for another hour or so, hence, arriving at the office at 10:30 and going home at 7:30pm..i mean, it's still 8 hours but the hours seem to drag on after lunch.. Pangs said it's because arriving at 10:30am means that after an hour, i'll take a 1 hour break for lunch then after that it's 7 hours straight til uwian time whereas if i arrive at 8am, take a break at 12 then uwian na after just 4 hrs.. hehe.. meh sense naman diba? so from now on, it's my resolution to not give Pangs a hard time waking me up.. *mwah@Pangs*

harbie has a job na!!! woohooo, congrats benggggggg! got the chance to talk to her this morning in YM and was telling her that i'm so, so, so want to work abroad.. it's just that i don't have the proper skill set that's 'in demand' overseas..kelangang mag-aral na ng .NET and Oracle and's just so friggin' hard to be a developer.. wish i worked in Operations where the skill set doesn't change that much or even in QA.. *sighs* so friggin hard to be a developer when the languages/tools move in such a fast pace, it's hard to keep up! and problem is, i'll only learn a new language if the client uses that language 'cause if i attempt to self-study, it'll be futile without a solid project experience to put in my resume.. *sighs* again.. shifting to Remedy is such a big gamble on my part 'cause it's basically unknown in the Philippines.. though Sam did say ('cause he was a Remedy Admin here for 5 years before he went to Singapore) that all Telecommunication Companies use Remedy.. first, Remedy isn't cheap. it's super expensive. Only the big companies can afford to use it.. and 2nd, there so few people here who even heard about it.. that's why i was hired for this in the first place, they couldn't find a single Remedy Developer/Administrator so they settled for a VB programmer instead..our Trainor said it's huge in the UK so i'm holding on to that, lol! good luck na lang saken.

yun muna.. sipag ko magblog, noh? la magawa eh hehe. bye all!


harbie said...

tengks gewi! *hugs*

well, kung malalaking company ang gumagamit ng Remedy, that means you just have to hone your skills nga, then bigtime agad! ;-) if telecom is using it, then it's gonna be a loooong time before it goes away, just like cobol. =P

goodluck goodluck! sa aten pareho yan. heheh!

geWi said...

wish ko nga!