Thursday, March 23, 2006

...i don't like chris

talking about AI.. i mean, sure, he has a great voice and all.. but it's NOT distinct at all! would you recognize his voice on the radio? would you say when you hear his songs.. ei, that's Chris! nooo way.. when he sang Fuel, i heard Fuel.. when he sang on the Stevie Wonder night, i heard Red Hot Chilli Peppers.. now when he sang last night, 50's night.. ohmigosh, it's Live. arrggh. and you hear Simon saying it's original, uncompromising, Whatever. Live already did that version, excuse me. Don't the judges know their rock music? arrrrrrrrrgh. i'm sure Chris really is a good singer, it's just that.. i have a problem with singers who doesn't have a unique/distinct voice.. i like knowing the singer the instant i hear them.. probably the reason why some Filipino singers, even some not so good ones stand out.. (sharon cuneta for instance.. she's not a brilliant singer, but you know it's HER when you hear her songs).. regine, ogie, etc.. even MYMP singer, Juris is so recognizable, that's why they became so popular.. ANYWAY, this is about Chris, the "i'm gonna do a revival from an alternative band again and call it my own" guy... i bet on the 60's thingie, he's gonna do a song that's already been covered by an alternative band..

that's all. he'll probably make it to the top 3 with all the pimping the judges are doing for him. hmpft.


harbie said...

mwehe! we're rooting for McPhee, Hicks and Mandisa for the finals. Chris and Elliot are good singers too, but after a few weeks, it's like hearing the same style over and over. it gets kinda boring.

the one i don't wanna see next week is Ace. what's with the falsetto thing? is he wearing tight briefs? and Kevin. Sway did a better job, but Kevin won by popularity. listen, America, listen!

rEeYuH said...

i have a soft spot for chris bec during the auditions, his wife was there and he seems like a 'nice' guy. but as simon said...'u want me to judge her dancing or her singing'... that's not the way it works. hehe

till now, i dont know who i like. (si sway sana eh hehe) but my bet sa bottom 3: bucky, girl1 (kumanta ng why do fools fall in love), ace/kevin

so harbz, guess ur all ears eh? mega vote ka pa malamang. hehe

QT said...

i so so hate kevin! get him out of there!

i want taylor hicks to win. he's so cool! i like mc phee and that calamare girl (just not sure how long she will be there for =p)

tomorrow ko pa sya mapapanood. delayed dito e. pero at least, 1 day lang lahat (singing and eliminations).

hmmnn.. kakaintriga ha...

jane said...


im sorry guys.. haaaate him. =p

i get irritated by the way he moves.. parang may sumusundot palagi sa butt nya.. ehehehe.. *peace*

harbie said...

hehehe! then you must've hated Ray Charles too, janey? =)

they are all talented (except for Ace, i still don't like him), so it all comes down to their choices of songs. one wrong choice, voted off na. =)

and just for the record, hindi kami bumoboto reeyuh! we record the show on DVR, then watch it pag tapos na, so we could fast-forward the commercials. hehehe! =D i love DVRs!

geWi said...

magkano na DVRs dyan harbie? yung meh HD na.. dito kasi meh 30k na lng, panasonic ata tatak.

QT: tanggal na si kevin! whoohoo!

janey.. H M P F T. lol!

go taylor! whoooo!

QT said...

yehey! sa wakas!! gaganahan na ulit ako manood!

taylor to win (sorry jane! =p)

harbie said...

chicken little's out! mwehe! =P

dunno how much DVRs cost eh, kasi libre na yung unit when you sign up for service, which is $7/month. =) at wala pa kaming HD service, pag football season na ulet. mwehehe! ;-P