Friday, March 24, 2006


we went bowling for our Team Building.. i sucked, of course (score was 85).. ei, i'm no bowler..but i did enjoy playing, mostly because of kantsawan and the shouts you can hear "kanal! kanal!" lol.. our Team won (because of Retzel and Mike)..was a massive win actually.. bwahahaha *yabang mode*

here's me in action. walang kaporma-porma harhar
2006 03 23 - 04 - Geri in action

the APCI group
2006 03 23 - 13 - group pic
top l-r..ronie, retzel, melai (our PM), liz (our TL), bel, mich, me, mike..
center - Cath
bottom l-r.. suzie and jen

ate at congo grille after.. i think my officemates just read the entire menu to the waiter, for we had SOOOO much food, we had to call reinforcements.. liz called Lowell, her husband.. i called my Pangs.. suzie with her husband,..they called Saldy, former officemate.. we still had leftovers which we ate this lunch.. (yummy adobo flakes!)

so much food! wala pa si Pangs and Lowell nito
2006 03 23 - 20 - group pic

TGIF! and TG, no more Kevin aka Chicken Little! bwahahaha. it's been a pretty productive friday.. (updated my blogger profile, read a lot of other people's blogs, BWAHAHA jk).. got a couple of work requests finished.. it's weird when the hard part was submitting the Change Deployment Record requests than making the change itself..still getting confused from all the process steps i have to make just to put a measly text box in production..

ei good news,.. we got a sideline! we'll be doing the Inventory system of Alpha Records.. the project only costs 40k, but still, that's like a sala set and our bedframe hehe.. (floor tiling pa kung kaya!) yehey! Pangs saw it posted in so we went there to check it out, and luckily, we got the project..

have a happy weekend everyone!

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harbie said...

wowee! congrats gewi! naks, Alpha Records, may libre ba kayong CD pag natapos nyo na yan? hehehe! ;-)