Tuesday, March 14, 2006

...help at the house

yeaah, i mean, we actually survived for more than a month without household help but it was really a struggle.. just imagine spending your weekends doing the laundry and ironing clothes, just taking away those 2 chores made our life sooo much easier. Margie is Lyn's kapitbahay.. of course i asked Margie if Lyn really is the quiet-type back home.. lo and behold, Margie said "Hindi po! Madaldal nga po yun samen eh! Nagulat nga ako dito, ang tahimik".. but i'm happy Margie's here not only to help us but because Lyn seems happier with her friend around..sometimes when my mom makes padala food to us (hey, Sometimes lang uh! lol), they would arrive at our house laughing and smiling and it makes me happy seeing Lyn like this. Margie doesn't really sleep at our house.. she only goes there around 8:30 in the morning and leaves before we get home.. it's better this way 'cause Pangs and I can still run around the house naked (bwahahaha. j o k e) without anyone bothering us..

i have yet to take a picture of our kitchen..Pangs drilled all the railings i bought at Singapore and it looks awesome. hihihi. so so happy especially with the magnetic rail 'cause i could just stick our knives on it. I especially love the hanging dish drainer, looks so posh on the wall, hehe. Our house now is a case of hand-me down furniture given to us by our well-meaning parents.. we're so broke right now that we can't really buy any new furniture for our 'modern-asian' dream themed house.. we'll probably breathe easier after we've fully paid the house.. (15k a month feels so huuuuge to us).. all the money we've received during the wedding went to our honeymoon (yep, we used that money to pay off our cc bills) and the house renovation, plus all the little things that we need that when added together equaled a BIG sum.. it's a nightmare to go to hardware stores 'cause everything seems like a "must-have".. not to forget the "living" area in the department store.. waahahah kakaloka. i remembered groaning and muttering whenever my dad would go that part of the mall and now i'm like a kid jumping up and down looking at curtains, vases, tupperwares (waaah don't ask) etc. if someone could give me like a 15-piece set of plastic containers, i would be in heaven.

here's a sample of our must-buy but still cannot buy list:
1. sala set (now we have a set given by dad that's older than me, if you sit wrongly you could get scratched by the protruding nails.. waah matetano pa)
2. dining set (now a monoblock set borrowed from dad)
3. bedframe (now a two-piece doubledeck wooden bed that's shoved together so that our queen size mattress could fit.. the bed is also older than me)
4. floor tiles (for kitchen, and the 3 rooms.. now it's just plain cement)

actually, i could go on and on but it'll get depressing. harhar. i guess everyone (except the rich, hehe) goes thru this stage.. my dad even said they used our now broken table tennis as their dining table when they were newly married.. before that was their suitcase..na-upgrade diba? lol! at least, we're not really in debt, just plain broke. wahaha. kelan kaya kami magkakabedroom ng ganito? waaah ganito gusto ko!

ganda nohhhhh???

gusto ko na tuloy mag-abroad just to speed things up.. weheheh. 8 months to go on my bond! konti na laaaaaaaang.


harbie said...

table tennis as a dining table? now, that's new! =) and tama ka, better broke than in debt. sandali na lang yan. =)

arevalos said...

naku... my Ninong's parents and my in laws used yung kabayo ng plantsa as dining table kaya :)

ako talaga, nde ganun ka-inspired to decorate or something...kasi nga it's still my parents' house being loaned to us for the meantime... and i hate clutter and anything that would need cleaning kaya kahit wala kaming sofa, happy ako with all the space :D

anyway, we have our laundry done by a laundry service na... i hate chores too :D i just content myself watching TV, bwahahaha

geWi said...

hehehe ako din mec. raymond created pa a 'tv room' separate from the bedroom and dining room.. now we eat IN the tv room, harhar.

rEeYuH said...

domestic talk eh? id be glad if i have someone to do my laundry, housecleaning, etc. well, i can clean the house IF wala ko flatmate. abt sa plantsa, minsan diretso suot na from the laundry pag di halata. hahaha

harbie said...

hahaha! kami rin! my bro calls it "gusot-mayaman", when you still look good in wrinkled clothes. =P