Thursday, March 30, 2006

...american idol update

lisa tucker's gone! good riddance, her voice was too shrieky for Kelly Clarkson's Because of You.. but she should've said to the judges "I sung it better than when Kelly sings it live" bwahahha. Bad song choice for her.. first of all, AI doesn't like Kelly because she forgot to thank AI when she won her grammy.. (ang taong ndi lumilingon sa pinanggalingan...) and second, it's too big a hit for you to take up that challenge. same thing happened with Katharine.. she sang it great, but Christina's voice (never realized it until yesterday.. bat buh, i'm not a fan) really rocks. i mean, her voice is so strong, it's still powerful even in high notes.. whereas katharine,.. well.. listen to the mp3 and you'll know what i'm talking about.. i still like her, though.. hope she makes it at least on the top 3..

chris.. TG someone finally told him to pull a different act next time! first of all, i don't like creed. (arrggh) and second.. heard that he auditioned for Rockstar INXS and didn't make the cut.. no wonder! the matter of the fact is, his voice isn't distinct enough. i wouldn't hear his voice on the radio and say "ei, that's chris".. (similar to many local pinoy band singers.. that's a different topic)

now taylor.. whoo000, Soul Patrol! I don't GET randy. song was perfect for him. he just sang, no weird dances, and his voice was on the dot. i've downloaded Ray Lamontagne's songs and i'm a fan. still don't know anything about him but i'm getting there..

for AI news i go to and (for Taylor hicks!) .. sites, that's where i see most of the AI videos and download the mp3s.. rickey's pinoy, btw.

Whooo! go Taylor, he's safe! Lisaaaaa ouuuuuuuuut.


jane said...

yeah yeah! wooh0o elliot! you're safe! mwahahahah! =p

i liked taylor's performance last night though.. di sya masyado OA.. *iwas sa batok ni gewi* =p

lisa was expected.. but katherine being on the bottom 3.. that's truly shocking.. oh well.. maybe that's what america was feelin last night.. =)

harbie said...

galing ni taylor last episode! pumalakpak nga kami ni mister eh. =P kayang-kaya nyang laruin yung voice nya, hitting all the right notes.

je checks out a site that predicts the bottom 3 contestants. it measures the "busy-ness" of the phone lines. prior to the result show, binalita ni je saken na nasa B3 si Kat, so medyo di ako na-shock. =P tanong ko nga kung ano yon, then share ko dito. =)

geWi said...

ei, i know that site. dialidol diba harbs? yep, kita ko rin yun, asa din yung link hehe!

harbie said...

ay, andun din ba? hehehe! di ko kasi tinignan yung link eh. dialidol nga ata! galeng no? hehehe!