Friday, March 10, 2006


back, but without kwento. hihihi. i was supposed to be blogging bout my singapore trip but STILL haven't uploaded the pics from my camera yet. arrrrgghh. it's the new house thing, i've got no cable at home, still have to go to my parent's house to get the pics uploaded. you know when you've got loads of stuff to write about so you're like preparing yourself for that and then you can't write about it because you want pictures to go with it, now you can't talk about anything else 'cause everyone's expecting THAT story. hehehe. so i'm just here making paramdam to everyone...singapore story on hold.

on another note.. SO SO Happy it's AI season again! Whoooo! (ala Taylor Hicks) i love that guy! i'm so freakin' addicted to him, i've been downloading mp3s of him, watching his videos over and over again. i'm sooo rooting for him. hopefully he'll make it, the very least, on the top 4. i feel like Whooo!ping everytime i watch him, ehehehe! Pangs and I were trying the Taylor-Dance from last night's Keeping it On the Streets performance and we were laughing so hard our heads ached.

a lot has been happening lately and some about my friends, some about me.. and a lot of changes happening in our house. oohhh, i wanna share my IKEA story, even though i said my singapore story is on hold. i was sooo addicted with IKEA i was praying over my luggage baka maexcess-baggage ako sa airport.. wahaha TG i wasn't. i was only stopped when i was in Manila already, by the Customs. The lady asked.."How much did you pay for all this stuff?" Me: *thinking hard*.. about 200 sing only.. that's like only 6000 pesos.. and she said "Taxable na yun! Anything over 100USD is taxable" and I was like "ay! no! i think i only used 100 sing." ehhehehe. of course she didn't believe but she did let me go (v.v. nice of her) she asked me if it was my first time to travel and i was like "Yes, yes!" and she said "Okay, next time, that's taxable, all right?".

i bought like a magnetic blackboard (don't ask, it's very cool! bakit buh?), a shower rod (i know, i know, there's a shower rod here but Pangs and I haven't seen one that is U-shaped!), lots of railing stuff.. so that everything's kinda hanging on the walls of our kitchen and for the counter to free up.. 2 hanging lamps (yep, imagine that, hihihi), dvd disc holders (the kind you screw on a wall), and a whole slew of other stuff for our kitchen. i even stopped myself a couple of times 'cause i wanted to buy other stuff too i just had to think about the weight and that i might pay for excess baggage. Pangs was like "ang dami nyan, uh!" when they fetched me at the airport hihihi.

that's all muna, more kwento next time, promise!

Big hug and thanks to Jane and Ate Pretz for making my stay in Singapore so, so, so much more bearable!! *mwah mwah mwah*


bibeduck said...

Oyst! Kinasal ka na pala... congrats (belated)! May you have many more babies to come... woohoo! :)

PS. Di kaya it's about time you changed your "Posted By" line? ehehe

tSaRoLsKiE said...

Welcome Back Gewi!
IKEA ROCKS! everytime nasa Ikea din ako para akong nde mapakali sa dami ng cool stuff na gusto mong bilhin - tuloy naiinis ako at gusto kong magmove out and to have my own place para lang makapag decorate hareharharharhar. miss you!

harbie said...

we looooove Taylor Hicks too! we call him George Clooney bec of his hair. alfredo's gonna try to learn the Taylor-Dance, it was the most entertaining performance on AI so far, and probably the dance that alfredo will most likely learn easily! mwehehe! =P

oi, pics pics din ng house nyo ha! enjoy decorating! few terms you'd be familiar with: stud, spackle, beam, drill bits, laser level. hehehe!

we missed you sa blog world gewi! welcome back!!! *hugs*

rEeYuH said...

uyyy okai sa ikea! parang saya magdecor ng own hse and pattern it after their designs hehe


geWi said...

onga noh jen. hehe.