Wednesday, June 01, 2005

...hello June!!

System Time: 3:45 PM
gaaah. i haven't heard from the not-to-be-named company.. tsk, tsk. and I thought i would be getting a new career.. anyway, as my libre horoscope said..Career: Hayaan lang mangyari ang mangyari... bahala na si batman (still don't get this saying..what does batman have to do with anything!?)..

we've deployed LIPS and we've been barraged with errors and questions and user stupidity.. huhuhu.. it's TOTALLY not our fault, we did have testers, right? but still, it reflects on us how the system is doing.. (or poorly doing,..demmit)

welcome to June!! tag-ulan, trapik dhel pasukan na.. grrr..binabawi ko pagwelcome kow.. it's a busy month for us..

June 4 - Swan (downpayment)
June 5 - meet Jaime Elizaga (photo/video man)
June 11 - bridal fare at Megamall
June 12 - meet Pangs' Tita
June 18 - meet Tet the coutur..siyet, mananahi na nga lang (lol!)
June 25 - tentative date of the pamamanhikan. (finally, it's official hehe!)

it's so sad to see our savings cut in half.. UHUHUHU.. 70k+ nalng..HUHUHU.. ang layo pa ng tatahakin namin..

ms. anna said that when she got married, they were at least able to break-even from the money given to them by ninongs and ninang.. WOW, that's good enough for me if that happens, but, really, it's such a looong shot for my family that i'm not the least bit hoping.. my only wish for the wedding is for it to run smoothly..

i'm still hoping we could afford a band, i'm compiling a list of songs that we like, just so i wouldn't forget them..i'm mostly looking for danceable jazz/soul songs.. (no IKAW at MY wedding) but there's still a bunch of pop rock songs and the usual wedding songs (Knocks me Off my feet.. i love this song!)

here's my unofficial list:
1. Barry White - Can't get enough of your love, babe
2. Barry White - You're my First, My Last, my Everything
3. Bless the Broken Road - (yung kinanta ni Carrie.. from Rascal sumting)
3. Edwin McCain - I could not Ask for More
4. Jamie Cullum - Everlasting Love
5. Joss Stone - For the Love of You
6. Kyla - I feel for You (bakittt buuuhh, i love kyla,and song ko toh keh pangs)
7. Eternal - Let's Stay Together
8. Lifehouse - You and Me
9. Norah Jones - The Nearness of You (common pero still sweet)
10. Stevie Wonder - Knocks Me off My feet
11. Will Young - Your Love is King (i absolutely looove this song, heard it first from BJ:Edge of Reason's OST)
12. You make me color blind (forgot the artist)
13. You Make Me so Very Happy (hehe, gusto ko ng sumayaw!)
14. Tamia - Spend my Life with You (pangs' favorite song)

it's still too short.. gusto ko rin yung song ni Carrie, Inside my Heart.. sana hindi pa yun corny pagdating ng January, haha..

pabili ako ng DVD keh dadi sa quiapo.. season 3 of Smallville and season 1 of The OC.. wala pa daw season 2 eh.. so excited to go home and start watching!!

hanggang dito na lng muna.. see you guys! mwaaaah.mwahh. mwahhh! (i'm in a kissing mood)


Anonymous said...

hi geri.

colourblind sung by Darius.. yeah good song! hihih


geWi said...

thanks heidii!!!!!!! *hugs*