Monday, June 20, 2005

...yes, yes, yes!!!

may venue na kamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! yahooo!! sa Auditorium of Tektite Bldg in Ortigas.. they don't pencil book but Ms. Rowena Martin was kind enough to do it for us 'cause she can hear the desperation in my voice,.. hehe jk..we just couldn't set our schedules straight so she gave us until saturday to give our deposit.. it's 4k an hour.. (still cheaper than the mosquito-infested Kasalikasan).. we'll probably just rent it for 3-4 hours.. think that's more than enough for the eating, the program (speech, cake cutting, etc) and the dancing..

yehey!! last weekend was a busy (but happy) 'cause my soon to be MIL and I (with pangs of course) went to various prospective reception venues.. we went to Lepanto Penthouse (at Paseo) where SWAN had an actual set-up (the place was too small for us, i think), then at Kasalikan in The Fort (as my soon-to-be MIL said.. "no good!"), Palladium Clubhouse at Shaw (plain ugly..did not meet ANY of my expectations) and lastly at the Auditorium of the Tektite Building.. it was really the best, no wonder my cousin, Ate Lala, chose that place for her wedding.. it was big, square place that had a stage and chandeliers.. it even had a foyer (where we could put a Studio set-up and our Gifts Table)'s big enough for 200 guests and our band AND the ceiling was high enough for our gazebo!! yeheyyy! so so so so happy.. i'll post some pics next time of the venue..

also very happy 'cause I got the chance this weekend to bond with Raymond's mom.. i love her already! she's so easy to talk to and she doesn't scare me one bit.. I also met Raymond's lolo and lola.. i absolutely adooore his lola..(plus the fact that she likes me too!! hehe) she was like all teary-eyed and said "eto magiging manugang naten!" hahaha!

kain lang ako lunch.. bye all!


mai said...

hi gewi! unique name huh? anyway, thanks for dropping by sa blogs ko..i've linked u up nga pala..congrats sa mga achievements mo..happy preps! katuwa nga pareho pala tayong nagpapataba heheh! would u believe from 95 lbs naging 90 na lang ako ngayon huhu! about sa divi ms leonie bautista has her stall sa tutuban bldg cluster 1..2nd floor H14 sya. COntact number niya is 8293672/09178662605. :D

RuTHiE said...

syet gewi, seryoso na to!!! hehe. sana makauwi ako sa kasal mo at promise ko sa'yo kakanta ako!!!!!!! hehehe joke lang.

geWi said...

sana nga ruth, joke lang na kakanta ka bwahahaha! pero please sisssss uwi ka uhhhhhhhh!

Nesh said...

Hey Gewi,
good thing you have a venue na, dito pala sa building where our office is ang reception mo. The audi is a good place. try to inquire also if you can make use of the parking kahit yung isang level lang, para convenient sa mga guests, since I think weekend naman yata ang wedding mo.



geWi said...

kuyuh nesssssssssh!!! u read my blog pala AT may blog ka pala AT hindi ka na pala INFO! hahaha! kaw, kelan ang kasal??!