Wednesday, June 15, 2005 for a new venue

...omg, it's so tiring.. we'll be changing our reception venue so we're feeling a teeny bit harassed 'cause it's so hard to find a cheap, nice, spacious space.. raymond's parents felt that the garden beside Nuestra was a tad small for our reception, so since then, we've looked at 3 places: Kasalikasan at The Fort, The Loft at Rockwell and the penthouse at Lepanto Building (beside Equitable-PCI in Paseo)
so far, the only place that I like is the last one, the INDOOR penthouse.. waaah, keyword is INDOOR.. is this a sign? is it gonna rain on our wedding day? are we going to go INDOOR already? huhuhuhu! anyway, i had really looww expectations when we came to the building.. (you know, old, OLATS elevators) but it turned to be a pleasant surprise 'cause the room was spacious, carpeted and even had a veranda that we could use.. the restrooms were really cool, meh design design pa yung ceiling and there was a long bar that we could use (as if, lol) plus it comes cheap! only 12k for the place! SWAN was the one who recommended it so they already know how to set-up the place,.. and Ma'am Rebi was really friendly, telling us stories and made fun of her own "wedding".. there are cons, old building, a biiit far from guadalupe, at least 15 minutes away..

anyway, the search has just begun.. we're pencil-booked at Lepanto for 2 weeks, hopefully we'll find a building (in Ortigas, hopefully) which has nearer and as nice as their function room..

help guyysss.. if you know a venue whether outdoors/indoors.. clubhouses, gardens, halls, penthouses, rooftops, whatever near Guadalupe Viejo.. please leave a note okay!

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