Thursday, June 16, 2005

...let's groove tonight!

System Time: 7:46 AM
went last night to Sentimental Groove's Demo at Boni Ave and they were absolutely awesome! We only saw 2 bands perform..The first one was Enamel.. they were kind of a mellow jazz band and Science of Sound, which was more upbeat than Enamel... we liked both but we booked SOS because we wanted danceable music, and we feel that they're more versatile 'cause they also played popsy tunes like You are The Universe and Knocks me Off my feet.. we loved them so much we booked on the spot! (got a 2k discount from that) SOS consists of 5 band members and 2 singers (but we'll probably add another percussion) and you get to choose your singers.. we chose Aubrey, she sang The Nearness of You and I liked the richness of her voice.. For the guy, we'll probably get Rommel, the guy who sounds a bit like Gary V.. the band's a bit expensive.. 20k.. but they are an All-In-One band so they're at the church to the reception.. they can be jazzy, to mainstream, to showband.. it's super cool! so in my wedding, prepare your best dancing shoes 'cause we'll be grooving all night! (no eat and run in MY wedding!) woohooo! we're also getting their sound system 'cause nobody would make them sound better than themselves right? it's a complete set-up.. 8 microphones, 6 speakers, mixer, CD player tape deck, amplifier and Disco Lights.. that's a LOT of sound boost

so far, our suppliers are:
1. SWAN Catering
2. Jaime Elizaga
3. Sentimental Groove

that's a 100k+ worth of services. gosh.

at wala pa kaming reception venue. bwahahaha.

anyway, that's the latest.. i'm having LSS from last night.. "Do the Hustle!" lol!



alynn_nongnong said...

hi, just bloghopping...hope youll find a reception na...happy preps!

Rommel & Melissa San Gabriel said...

hi, blog hopping lang po. good that you got SG. We will be getting Freesize, 7 musicians in total 3 of them are singers tas may pianist, bassist, drummer (percusionist), guitarist. magaling din sila and madali kausap si nina. Have not seen SG perform. We were supposed to attend kaso wala parking. Hope everything went out well with Swan. :)