Tuesday, June 07, 2005

...meeting the photographer

we finally met Jaime Elizaga last Sunday and the wait was worth it. After seeing his album and pictures, he showed us where he gets his albums done. It's JT Photo World and we could really save a lot if we just hire Jaime for his services and have the album done there. It's much tasking, but the amount we would save is huuuge. We'll be doing our own layout and go to JT and have it printed and placed in an album (they have many!). The total cost would only be 26+! (from our original budget of 40k, this is a really good deal) 15k would go to Jaime and another photographer, 6k for video (with DVD output), 2k for the prints, 2k+ for an 8x10 album and another 2k+ for phototac (protects the pictures).

I'm so, so excited. We're also hoping to hit the 100k mark again next month for our savings, I think having it depleted to 70k motivated us to give more last payday. We also finalized our menu for Swan, just thinking about it makes me hungry. We're adding Phad Thai (noodles with peanut sauce, it's really good, trust me!) and Spicy Beef Caldereta to our original menu. We did have a tiny problem with Swan (regarding a typo on their menu) Their quotation showed that our package, the 400/head, already includes a Salad BAR but they said it was a typo and it was only a SALAD (meaning chicken macaroni or potato salad) so when we saw the final contract, they charged us for an additional 15/head for the SALAD BAR. it's pretty frustrating, 'cause we thought we could get our food for 60k flat.. we're still pleading our case, but we're not keeping our hopes up.

Yun muna, i'm at work.. i love you my pangs!!!! i can't wait.

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