Wednesday, March 23, 2005

...the long wait is over

System Time: 9:07 AM
..we have found the perfect caterer! I'm talking about Swan Catering, of course.. the food is delicious, the package is great and it's extremely affordable..just 400 bucks a head and we get a wedding cake that looks awesome, (it doesn't look part of the package, unlike some caterers where the cake looks absolutely pathetic) a gazebo and a wedding car for free! Our whole meal was served to us last Sunday.. crispy ukoy for appetizer, clam chowder soup (with clams, bacon bits and potatoes),barbequed spareribs, grilled blue marlin with lemon butter sauce (my fave!), chicken cordon blue and fresh lumpiang ubod (they didn't forget the grounded peanuts!).. for dessert, we chose fresh fruits in season (ponkan, papaya, watermelon, pineapple and melon) and mango crepe.. we ate everything til our stomachs cannot handle any more "abuse"! (ay meh sotanghan din pala, hehe) although we haven't closed the deal, we've pretty much made up our minds to have them as our caterer.. they're a big and old company (they had 7 caterings last sunday alone!) and i'm sure they won't disappoint us on the day itself..

here's pangs eating his heart out at the swan catering food tasting
pangs at swan catering
go pangs! lol! mwahhh!

we want to be sure to get the 400/head price so we'll probably be paying them the full amount next month so we wouldn't be affected with any price increase or tax increase or something like that since our wedding's still on january..if an increase happens, we might canvass all over again! waaah ayaw ko na! hirap kaya! lol!

it's holy week so don't eat your meat and live a saintly week (or a day, if that's all you can do, hehe).. i'll be contemplating my life while trying to finish my sidelines this weekend..(ora et labora, pray and work) cyah guys! bye!


aMgiNe said...

waaaahhhhh!!!! nagutom ako!!!

tSaRoLsKiE said...

huwaw kagutom ah ... musta na gewi bebe? haymesyu!