Monday, March 14, 2005

...grand food-tasting filled weekend

...pangs and i went to Mt. Carmel last friday for Karwaje's food tasting.. we got there and we were able to see their (puny) decor and set-up but the food was excellent.. it sort of raised our standards for the food caterer.. the day after that, we had two appointments... first at St. Nicholas Catering located in front of the Makati City Hall at 1 pm and Batis Asul in Heroes Hill at 4 pm.. St. Nicholas' food is not even worth mentioning while Batis Asul's food was so-so.. it was neither bad nor exceptional.. pwede na, ika nga.. but of course, we aren't looking for "okay na", we want something "wow and masarap!" and "wow mura" LOL! finding the right caterer seems to be the most difficult and crucial decision for a wedding.. almost anyone's first reaction when attending a wedding is how good the food was.. "ay masarap food nun!" after that they say.. "ganda rin ng gown..." (nevermind the bride, harhar).. that's why we're trying to contact as many caterers as we can so we can make the right decision.. we have another scheduled food tasting this Sunday at Swan Catering around 1 pm... our hopes are high for that one, since they have the best package so far, just 400 bucks a head, (all in, including SC and gov't tax) and includes a very nice gazebo (karwaje's gazebo sucked), a 3 layer Fondant Cake and a Bridal Car! it's sooo cool.. just wish the food's better than Batis Asul.. the weekend was almost a waste, good thing we met Rosette of Something Borrowed.. she's brilliant! she sketched my dream wedding gown in a matter of minutes.. she's expensive too.. she quoted my gown for 20k.. some say it's already cheap but i just can't imagine spending 20k in just one dress that i'll wear in like 5 hours! arrrrghhhh but the dress is sooo darn beautiful.. *sighs*

anyway, i've enrolled in a gym (Gold's) this month and was on my 2nd training day and my trainor discovered something weird in my right shoulder.. i have to have it examined this weekend, it's preeeetty weird, almost disturbing really.. i mean, it looks like my shoulders aren't aligned and my right shoulder looks dislocated.. it doesn't really hurt that much, just when i lift some weights parallel to the ground that i feel it.. i'll have it x-rayed this weekend, just to be sure..

i'll see you guys around.. i'm still at work, i think i'll be spending the night here again.. bye all!! God bless!


aMgiNe said...

try out Tamayo's catering, masarap din un pramis.

geWi said...

ang mahal ng Tamayo eh! kaya siguro masarap hehe.. pero contact ko parin, para meh free food tasting hehe. salamat!