Wednesday, March 16, 2005

...aza aza fighting!

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i'm always the last to know about the latest in our kada.. and of course, i was the last to know the Roni already gave birth to a healthy baby girl..(i wouldn't even know had i not called her) and she did it without any general anesthesia.. OMG, she's a Hero.. she said that the labor pain was so intense she didn't even feel them snipping away in her p***p**! LOL! sheteee di ko kaya yun..congrats roni! and *wapaks* what the hell where you thinking, tolerating that extreme pain? lol! we'll visit you and Vian next week!

anyway, i'm so excited about the upcoming food-tasting at Swan this Sunday.. i'm not gonna eat any lunch so i'll appreciate the food more, hehehe..

i forgot to show this pictures, these were taken at the (not-so) grand foodtasting of Batis Asul..
pangs at batis asul
centerpiece by balay kandila

the decor was fantastic, i absolutely love candles! but the food is forgettable..(i know i've blogged this before but i'm still frickin disappointed! lol)

i'm still busy at the office but i've been recently watching the DVD of the Koreanovela, "Full House" with the actress from Endless Love 1 (si Jenny).. i'm already on the last disc (Disc 8) and it's so addicting.. one time, all you could hear from the 3 TVs in our house was Korean dialogue.. my mom was watching it in her room, my sister at the Living Room, and i was watching it in MY room.. hehe..(we were watching different discs).. it's a comedy with a bit of drama without a murderous villain (don't you just hate women murderers in soaps?) and a kidnapping scene (another Pinoy soap must-have).. another thing i also love 'bout the series is the house.. it's SUCH a beautiful house, and it's so similar to my dream home.. a home with a modern facade with glass walls at the back that overlooks a beach.. it's wonderful!! can't wait to go home early today and watch the ending..(wala si Ma'am Marivic, A-B-S-E-N-T.. it's a miracle.)

speaking of uwi ng maaga, my dad just texted me this:
Aga kayong umuwi. Masarap ang ulam- seafood special- adobong alimango n halaan soup

ayus!! bye all!!

my title's a line from Full House, syempre makakaappreciate lang eh Ate ko at Nanay ko na hindi naman nagbabasa ng blog ko. harharhar.

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