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we went to another food-tasting trip last weekend,..this time at Auffrance Catering and D'Empire.. I had high expectations for Auffrance ('cause their packages are higher than Swan) and veryyy loow expectations for D'Empire but they still managed to disappoint us!! because of that, Pangs said that we should stop wasting taxi fare even if it means free food for us 'cause it just isn't worth it.. it blows my mind as to how they even get clients.. my dad cooks better for pete's just reaffirms our choice for Swan as our caterer.. still the best deal we've seen (and tasted!)

anyway, here are some cutesy babies i've met since i last posted.. lara, my HS kada's daughter, alyssa and my new inaanak, IEL who was baptized last march 27..oh, and miggy.. who i taught how to make the peace sign like every normal baby should do (hehe).. he got a BIT confused 'cause he said " i'm 3 not 2" LOL!





we also went to visit ching for her 2nd death anniversary (can't believe it's been two years).. here's kate, pangs and jing at Loyola

before i go.. SINCE this is MY blog, i just want to blow off some steam and tell you guys how much i absolutely HATE Rob and Amber of the Amazing Race 7.. i hate Rob for even thinking that Meredith pushed Gretchen so that they'll pity them.. grrr.. and for not even stopping for the brothers when they saw them ditched on the side of the road.. and i HAAATE Amber for grinning at his bigheadedness..SO WHAT if it's a don't have to lose your morals whenever you join a contest! and SUCHHH greediness. Let someone else have a chance at a million dollars. oh, i forgot.. they're friggin bums and joining contests are their only jobs. Rob's the ultimate winner for proposing to a millionaire. GRRRRR. please, please, please let them not be the winners.. I read some rumors that Uechenna and Joyce (whom i like!) won but the top 3 also includes the uber-bwiset-sana-pagduguan-ka-sa-tabi-ng-kalsada-walang-tumulong-sainyo Rob and Amber and the gay couple Lynn & Alex..

*whew* glad to get that off my non-existent chest. next time i'll write a petition to ban the couple in joining any more reality contests.

bye guys!

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aMgiNe said...

haha non-existent chest. natawa ko dun ah. ^_^