Wednesday, March 02, 2005

...happy birthday pangs!

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gud mawnin guys! last Friday was Pang's Birthday and I was able to join their family for lunch (yep, the whole family) at Dad's.. i was pretty nervous (and late) for it but Tita Sion (uy, nakiki-Tita hehe) was her usual friendly self and Akel, her sister was cheery as well.. It was my first time to meet his Dad.. I wasn't able to talk to him that much but he was amiable to me too.. their family is quite similar to ours, their closeness is very endearing.. Pang's mom said to me as the lunch ended "Till me meet again, Geri" sabay akbay sa akin.. i'm really, really happy that they like me.. they still don't know of our plans (pangs is still waiting for the right time) but so far, it's been good and all i want is to be part of their family..after lunch, Pangs and I went to Red Box and videoked our lungs out till 7 pm (it's only 199 bucks each for the 3-7 pm slot) and THAT was a lot of fun..

the next day after that, pangs and I went to EK.. he was able to borrow his family's van and we arrived at EK around was Pang's first time to go there so i jostled him into posing for me with EK's mascot hehe..
pangs with EK

here are some other pics..
wet pangs

pangs and me


go kart!
at the race track

good thing we brought an extra set of clothes 'cause we got drenched at the Rio Grande.. we also revisited Sonya's Garden and saw a lot of improvements there since we came 5 months ago.. we didn't eat there ('cause the food is crap) but was still able to capture some of the beaaauutiful flowers there..

sonya's flowers

some bad news though.. Roni's Dad passed away last Saturday so we went there last Monday at their house for the wake.. Condolence Roni, so sorry, but i'm sure your Dad's enjoying himself up there with God..

bye for now.. have a great week!

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