Friday, March 18, 2005 it!

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omg, i'm inlove!! i'm in love with Ayala Westgrove Heights and i absolutely want to live there and i won't rest until i do! Pangs mentioned this to me when we went to Tagaytay but i just brushed it off 'cause it was in the South and I never really wanted to live in that area.... until now! it started with a promotional article in The Star today.. it said "First Batch of St.Scholastica's-Westgrove Graduates" cause i didn't know that such branch existed so i read on.. The article featured this mother whose family moved to Ayala Westgrove and was gushing about how wonderful there life has been after that.. (lol) i know, i know, it's pretty cheesy but i googled the village and now I"M the one gushing about it in my blog.. what i really liked about it is the fact that St.Scho is just outside the village and of course, as a proud Scholastican, i also want my future kid to have Benedictine values growing up..Pangs doesn't really want to live in Marikina and ayaw ko ng St.Scho Manila (hehe).. plus it has always been my childhood dream to live in an exclusive village, having classmates in HS who lived in Filinvest, Town n Country,etc with their posh clubhouses and village pools, i was a bit envious that they could walk around their village and that they ACTUALLY KNOW their neighbors.. lol! (of course, our house was almost always more beautiful than theirs but that's another story, hehehe) of course, i could also settle for something similar to it, somewhere more affordable but just as near and as picturesque as Westgrove but I would always have the village on mind so that I would have something solid to aim for myself and my pangs..

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