Monday, February 21, 2005

...start your engines

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last saturday morning, i went to paenaan with dad to practice my driving skills (ate pretz' driving "skills", and i do mean in quotes, inspired me! lol).. it was relatively a smooth ride, no mishaps (in short, hindi ako namatayan, hehe) and i was able to practice my maneuvering skills wanted to drop by BPI at Gate 2/Cogeo Labas and i had to enter this very skinny entrance and back up and go out to another skinny exit.. sabi nga ni ate pretz..Trial na naman! but i was able to do it without looking like a student driver, TG.. i took a photo of this flower 'cause it was growing all over our farm and it was so beautiful... that day too, pangs and i accompanied ate Pretz to Dangwa so she could canvass prices for the flowers for her brother's wedding on April.. we had to go with her 'cause she's bringing her brand new Revo and she's still a bit scared to drive on her own.. anyway, we asked around and basically, the entourage's bouquets will cost around 6700-7000 bucks.. (not including my bouquet,..but mine's just cheap 'cause all i want are yellow calla lilies which cost just 1k).. i want a big arch which he estimated to be around 6k.. then the reception flowers which is about 10k..(i don't want to add up the numbers.. i'm too scared! lol) i'm so excited! we talked to 4 vendors and we specifically liked Joel of Bulaklak.. he sounded really concerned about the outcome of his flowers so you really know he's gonna take good care of it for you..

ate ging's in singapore again so i have the room all by myself! too bad i don't actually sleep on it on weekdays, huhuhu.. it's so busy here in pramerica, that i haven't found the time to finish Clive's site and i'm just scared shitless 'cause they keep calling on my cellphone and i'm not answering 'cause i basically haven't done ANY update on their site.. huhuhu.. i really, really am so embarassed but it's just so daaamn tiring to go home and face the computer again to do my sidelines.. *sighs* hope i find the time to do it tonight..

i'll see you guys around..bye for now!

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aMgiNe said...

ayan kasi kumuha kuha pa ng side line eh busy na nga. hehe joke. oh well take care ms bride to be.