Friday, February 04, 2005

...fax fax pakasing nalalaman

ohmigod i just did a big booboo. last night (spent the night at Pramerica again), i was emailing some caterers to send me an attachment or fax me at the office their wedding packages, with the thought that i'll be able to check the fax machine every so often. i emailed that around this time too, but then forgot all about it until the next morning. pangs and i left the office to take a bath, but as soon as we got back at the office, sir Gerald, asked me "Espinosa ka ba, Geri?" while holding a couple of A4 papers.

i was "uh-oh"ing on my mind as soon as he said that, already realizing what i have gotten myself into. "Yes, sir" sabi ko.

he then handed me the fax with a cover letter of "TO SIR GERI ESPINOSA. WEDDING PACKAGES. FROM HIZON'S CATERING"

BWAhahahaha. i wanted to hit my head on the wall. what a way to announce that you're getting married. so because we had to report to Ms. Beth about the program we're doing (she's our tester, and she sits around the same area as sir Gerald), it was like feeding fresh meat to the chismis lions.. while we were in their area, after the discussion, ms. Beth goes "SO, ANO YUNG nabalitaan ko. ikakasal ka ba? at SIR ka na ngayon!" (hahaha bwiset na caterer, hindi ako kukuha sa kanila! lol!!!) so we were like slowly backing out of their area while ms. Beth, ms. Reina and ms.Marivic (not our boss, another Marivic) kept asking us about it. back at OUR area, i realized that we had to submit a report to ms. Beth and pangs said to me: "Sure ka, gusto mong bumalik dun?" (lol) i bravely went back, and it was a riot after that. to make a long story short, they were very excited for me (with matching kilig squeals especially when i showed the ring) and they were like "si raymond? yung raymond naten?!" (ni hindi man lng nila alam ata na KAMI eh hahaha) well i think, ms. Beth got less mataray around Raymond after that so that's good, right?

anyway, thanks so much for all your well wishes.. teka davis, ano blog url mo? tinanong ko na dati sila pasqui, reich, etc. alang meh alam.. i know you gave it to me last time, i just can't remember.. pabasa naman! hoy reich. LOL. katawa blog mo haha. and ate cha.. UMUWI KA UH langya ka.

'til then. i'll tell you all about the exciting and wonderful world of caterers next time. bwahahahaa.


re!ch said...

anukah?!?!?! binigay ko kaya sa yo! tugissssh!! **matching batok sounds pa** nasa blog ko din kaya yun link... hilo na ito... nasa cloud 9 pa kasi eh... yung sa antipolo... CHOS!!!!ÜÜÜ bwekekekeke!!!!

geWi said...

waaahh di ko tlga maalala na sinabi mo! hehehe

Anonymous said...
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aMgiNe said...

harhar sir geri!!! tama yon wag ka na kumuha sa caterer na un!!

Anonymous said...

uy bruha! kamusta ka na?! hehehehe! *hugs* balita ko engaged ka na ha! congrats! miss na kita! ingats! - jm aka solinari