Friday, February 18, 2005

...exciting times

i found a super great software called "My Wedding Organizer". It's your electronic wedding planner and has functions like "Guest List", "To-Do List", "Budget" and every activity a bride could think of. I could create adhoc reports from it, such as "All Female Guests" (for the tossing of the bouquet) or "Things To Do This Month" just so you won't forget anything in your To-Do List. I couldn't open it (the program) during office hours because it starts up with a big name of "Bride" and "Groom" (we have enough "wedding jokes" and teases to last us a lifetime) We're currently inputting stuff on the Guest List Tab and the Budget's a screen shot of the program...


cool dibuh!? it's so exciting..i love it! it's user-friendly and easily customizable..(you can change the fields (i mean, who needs an entry for Cartage Fees) and add your own)..

pangs also was finally able to set the time on his gift for me, a "Wedding Countdown Clock".. (the name's self explanatory, right?) there's just a MILLION products out there that really make Weddings commercialized, but, you know what, who gives a sh*t!! I'M getting married! Coca-Cola could sponsor our wedding and give bottle openers for souvenir, for all i care, lol! last saturday, we went to Guadalupe Viejo and gave the downpayment for the Church and Garden reception last, we had something accomplished! pangs took this lovely picture of the church's such a beautiful old church, see for yourself..

guadalupe viejo

in the meantime, we've opened our very first joint account at BPI (whose bank employees are extremely amiable unlike Metrobank where you have to name-drop just for them to entertain you.. ano sila, gobyerno!? lol!) and i just feel like everything's in order.. i don't want to rush and cram 'cause we all know that when you do that, prices just start doubling.. the longer the preparation, the better!

happy post-valentines to everyone! pangs surprised me with a loooovely bouquet of yellow calla lilies.. i firmly believed that i'm the only girl who was carrying that particular kind of flower in the entire Enterprise building! bwahahahaha.
calla lilies

bye for now! gotta work, since i'm actually getting paid just by blogging this post, hehe. bye!

decided to put some 'semblance of life in my template.. that's the enterprise bldg(where i work, photo c/o pangs) and the "proposal site".. also added a flickr zeitgeist which i saw at reich's blog, pagaya uh, cute eh, hehe!


Charolism said...

awwwww that's so sweet *dandaaaaaaaa ng flowers* swak na swak sa motiff harharhahrhahrar well gewi beybe ... goodluck my labs .. miss na kita. belated happy valentines

aMgiNe said...

wow! new look new look!! ang suweeeetttt naman!!!