Thursday, February 10, 2005

i want to be like Kris

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no, not Kris Aquino, heaven forbid..Kris and Jon of the Amazing Race 6..

i was able to watch the final episode last night. Too bad my faves, Jon and Kris didn't win (Freddy and Kendra did) but they remain my favorite couple for ALL seasons of amazing race that i've watched so far.. i absolutely love Kris.. she's always upbeat and perky..she never whines even when they were experiencing bad luck on the race and i've never heard her scream or get angry at Jon.. jon's the same, and i also love the way they see the good things in every country they visited.. the other couples tend to focus on the negative but jon and Kris always, aaalways find something good to say no matter how awful or poor the country looks like... when i find myself bickering with pangs or whining or being petty.. i try to think of Kris and how i want to be more Kris-like in our relationship.. i wanna always be supportive of him and be optimistic (waah but it's sooo difficult! lol).. i don't want to bitch him around when things are not going our way.. i just want him to see my love emanating for him through every action that i do and every word that i say 'cause that's exactly how i see his love for me.. 'cause he deserves all that and much, much more.. i love you so, sooo much my pangs! i can't wait to be your wife..happy 5th my pangs mwaaaaaah >:D<


Anonymous said...

aMgiNe here, hehe tatamad na ko mag log in eh, anyways yeah i watched the end of the amazing race as well (kalain mo nagka time ako manood ng tv!), i like them although i hate the guy kasi mas mabunganga pa sya kesa dun sa girl.

Anonymous said...

hayyy Geri!!! u like Amazing race din?? heheh.. wow naman how nice you have Kris as an inspiration. You are in love girl.. makes you wanna be a better person.

hayy saya saya ng amazing race no! di ba next season kasali si amber n rob of survivor heheh.. showbiz talaga tong 2 .

ingats always ,

aMgiNe said...

updates updates updates

re!ch said...

potah! puro kasal na dito... nyahahahaha!!!!!! :^D

davisgrana said...

Gerriii!! di ko kilala si Kris. di ako fan ng Amazing Race. Di ko maalala itsura ni rob at amber. wala talaga... gusto ko lang mangulet. haha!