Wednesday, February 02, 2005's official

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i'm officially engaged!!!!!! we were just sitting at a bench at the yosihan when pangs just pulled this beaauuuuutiful box out of his pocket and told me to hold it with my right hand. he then opened the box and pulled out a ribbon and proceeded to tie this around my ring finger..he then pulled out the rest of the ribbon from the box and at the end was the ring.. MY ring! of course, it didn't work the way he planned (it was supposed to slide directly to my finger, LOL) but still, you just don't mind the little stuff in a big moment like this..

/me happy sigh.

so pangs is not my bf anymore. he's my fiancee. wow. what a word. just typing it gives me butterflies in my stomach. now i know what "nervous and excited" feels like.. pangs told me to search "ann gretchen espinosa" on google and click the i'm feeling lucky button.. i got a big laugh out of that.. hehe.. which reminds me.. i have to update that blog.. we've been talking about marrying for quite some time now, since last year, but it's just this 31st of january did he formally propose to me..i keep looking at my left hand.. and everytime i see my ring, i feel so excited that all i wanna do is go to food tastings of every single caterer here in manila, LOL! i'm excited about THE wedding but also with the thought that next year, i'll be spending my lifetime with my pangs..


ps. just read erlyn and reich's comments on my last blog. galing nyo LOL!!!!


davisgrana said...

Wow!! Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you!! Wishing you all the best! God Bless!!

Charolism said...

wakakakka CONGRATSSSSSSSS mylabs! so I guess tuloy na tuloy na paguwi ko? hahahahhaha I'm beri hapi por u gewi en pangs. pakabait kayo lagi ... ahahahaahay CONGRATS!

re!ch said...

POTAH, pare!! (ay, pasintabi po...) hahahaha!!! ikakasal ka na!!!! BWAKAKAKAKA! good luck kay pangs mo, tsong! hahahaha! baton time! tenenenenetenten!!! :D

re!ch said...

basahin mo blog ko!!!! potah talaga! hahahah! may entry dedicated sa inyo!ÜÜÜ hahahaha!

aMgiNe said...

ay nakakaloka talaga!!! ambilis ng mga pangyayari. so ano details details... kelan? san? aber magpost ka naman ng mga plano nyo!

Anonymous said...


naku surprising!!! si mag pangs..

Congrats... kakatuwa n kilig naman! stay inlove and keep the fire burning!

God bless

bibeduck said...

shucks... bakit ba kasi ngayon lang ako nadalaw sa blog mo... nahuli tuloy ako sa balita! gosssshh congratulations gewi!! best wishes to you and your pangs!! :)

mlza said...

nakanghensik!!! totoo ba itong mga nababasa ko? alam ko delayed reaction pero.... ikakaksal ka na ngaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa????? whoaaaaaaaaaaaa?!!!!! congrats giling gurl! swerte sya syo. chos!!! bwahahhahaha jk lang. labsyu! congrats ulet!!!