Thursday, January 27, 2005


i've been working for almost 15 hours a day since i started at Pramerica last Monday.. it's extremely tiring, and at times i want to jump out from the 34th floor and scream "bakit ba ako bumalikkk!?" but i always try to focus on "the goal"... i think about how i can now see my pangs everyday and how much money we're earning through our heavy OT (hehe)

last sunday, my cousin Kuya Ding got married. and of course, there's the bouquet toss where no one wants to join in.. and the one who doesn't want to even "touch" the bouquet GETS it. i feel like i'm a bouquet magnet.. i never, ever want to be the one who gets it.. it's embarassing and so corny.. but last sunday, i just KNEW i'll be the one to catch it. i even stayed at the very back of the pack but as Jane (the bride) tossed the flowers, i could see that the angle and velocity of the bouquet would fall directly on my hands (LOL.) .. or my head..... i got the latter.

anyway, gotta get back to work.. it's 11:02 PM and as kuya germs says "WALANG TULUGAN!!"

*thinks about the money*

bye all!


re!ch said...

hahaha!!! baka panahon mo nang mag-asawa! NGAK!!! hahaha!!!!

aMgiNe said...

naks pahiwatig ba to geri? hehe