Friday, May 21, 2004


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Jasmine got booted out of 'American Idol',..awww. i don't know if you've been following the contest as unfailingly as i have but i'm sure you've heard of the 2 Fil-Ams who joined the show.. Camille Velasco (my favorite) got voted out earlier and now it's Jasmine.. at least she's in the Top 3... and i'm pretty sure we haven't seen the last of her..

Ate Ging received shocking news from her bosses last night.. her boss resigned and so did her boss' boss.. so that pretty much left their Manila office in the pits.. they still don't know what the management's going to do with them.. but she's expecting the worst, meaning, she might lose her job.. (her 40k job! waah!) just goes to see how life is full of fuckingly screwed up surprises that come up when you least expect it.. it scares the shit out of me... 'cause i know it'll only take one little joke played by the world to me that could make my present contented life into radical blackness.. .it's a good thing i read a forwarded message in my email (sent to me by my good friend, Kate) that made me look things in perspective.. it's a quote from Ally Mcbeal..
"If you think back and replay your year, and it doesn't bring out tears of joy or sadness, consider it wasted."
well , if tears are the scale, i've lived a full life then.. lol! (though i haven't cried for sometime now, perhaps i'll cry later just for the heck of it... i'll cry for Jasmine's loss, lol!)

will be meeting my ISM kada tonight.. Harbie's back from the states and i'm psyched to see her and the rest of the kada.. it's so weird to have a married friend who isn't pregnant (or didn't get someone pregnant).. LOL! 23-24's still pretty young to get hitched, especially in this generation where people are generally more career oriented.. (plus both of my older sisters are still single so, it's not on my mind) not that i don't want to get married, far from it.. it'll just take a few more years for me to get prepared for something as monumental as marriage..

ei, i borrowed ate Chary's discman and it has a radio so i'm really happy to be hearing NU107 again.. waah they're playing one of my fave songs.. Drive by Kiss by The Damnbuilders..

heard something really funny.. David Hasselhoff's going to have a Hip-Hop album.. har har har.. that is just beyond my imagination.

System Time: 10:51 AM
everyday, i have an early lunch with my friendster friends (that's what Sir Joel calls us) around 11 am.. so that's 9 minutes away.. there are loads of advantages when you eat early here in Prumerica...
1. the Pantry's not yet crowded
2. no one's standing behind you, pressuring you to eat faster so they could take your seat
3. when you finish an hour after (12 pm), everybody's out to lunch so you have the department by yourself
4. you can take advantage of your solitude for more creative tasks.. such as sleeping, talking on the phone..
5. if you go back late (say around 1 pm), it'll just appear normal to any other employee.. it's not that obvious that you took a 2-hour lunch break 'cause everybody goes back to their desk around 1 pm too.

with that said, i'm off to lunch. bRb.

System Time: 11:49 AM
shiiiit ang lakas ng ulan. demmit. sleep muna.

System Time:12:33 PM
..currently listening to Check it Out by Beastie Boys.. it's a new single by the band... they're last album was.. hmm.. when i was in highschool? (yeah, it's been awhile, lol!) it's good to hear their music again.. *chh,chh,chh,check it out! wha,wha,wha,what's it all about!*
hehehe. too bad i can't jump up and down.

System Time: 3:26 PM
ei erlyn! glad you like the new layout.. but in defense of my previous layout, my blog wasn't supposed to be seen through the "" link.... twas part of a page inside my web site that's why it was black and white and not centered.. anyway, since my site's been deleted in brinkster's stupid server, decided to change it. didn't have time to create my own so i just picked up a template in blogger.. just picked something simple and would load fast.. yoko kasi yung maraming ka-ek-ekan sa blog, ang bagal tuloy mag load.. (hahaha touche` erlyn! :p)

System Time: 5:47 PM
uy alis na ko. yehey! bye all, have a stress-free weekend.

p.s. just received a text message from ate ging
"Hay naku naglayas na naman c mom. Dis s such a dysfunctional family!"
i told my sister, "tungkol sa mangga yan, ano?".. she said, "I'm sure"

/me tawa na lang. it's a long story.. i'll tell you another time..bye again!

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