Saturday, May 15, 2004

...making credit card companies richer

okay, it's a great MONTH for credit cards... i've used mine again.. (as my sister said, it's gonna be my downfall)... but still, it's instant gratification and the guilty feeling of not saving my money greatly outweighs the feel of clinique make-up on a newly washed face by sekkisei soap. har har har.

bought a great 3 in 1 makeup stick from maybelline.. the new sun block by clinique (oil free!) blistex lipbalm and this great mask by fasio.. oh, and yeah.. my sekkisei soap and neutrogena deep clean (it's on sale, okay!)

shiiit. momi's at sta. lu already.. ndi kasi nagtext, ndi pa ako naliligo.. babay na!

have a happy weekend!

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