Saturday, May 29, 2004

...Masochistic Entry

System Time: 12:34 PM
i really, really like Reason by Hoobastank.. i still don't get tired listening to it.. it's sort of a love song and i'm a sucker of rock love songs..

/me ehem ehem

I've found a reason for me,
To change who I used to be,
A reason to start over new,
and the reason is you.

I've found a reason to show,
A side of me you didn't know,
A reason for all that I do,
And the reason is you.

awwww. how sweet. lol.

System Time: 12:38 PM
Errata: i said in my previous post that Amy Evans is the singer of Evanescense.. bwahahaha.. Amy Lee nga pala.. Amy Evans is an American Idol finalist (i think.. or am i wrong again? lol) .. was watching AI last night and i just saw the Evans girl and i recalled writing her name here.. lol.. *wapaks sarili*

System Time:12:44 PM
ei i've got another website project! (as if the first one is finished already) Ate ging referred me to her Boss and i'm making a site for their company.. had the breakfast meeting yesterday morning (7:30 am! gaaah i was still so sleepy) at UCC cafe.. He's Brit by the way so i felt i needed an English-Tagalog dictionary while talking to him.. (these are the times when i envy my ever-fluent call center friends) anyway, that basically says goodbye to all my weekend plans.. but still, it's okay 'cause at least i'm earning a little on the side and at the same, it's sort of fulfilling my dream job as a web developer.. it's all about your contacts.. you don't have to be the best, you just have to know the right people.. (in my case, my sister! lol!)

Greg (his name) is actually pretty funny.. when i told him i'm currently assigned to Prumerica, he started picking on the Prumericans.. told you they're weird.. it's just not me, other people observe it too! lol! i told him it's a happy office.. just the environment for people who sell insurance.. he just called the previous Prumerica President as "wacko" (with matching hand gesture.. lamnyo yun, loko²) and then of course, there's Lope.. the gay boss.. hehehe.. he told me.."is he gay? of course he is" LOL! i said that i knew he was gay the first time i heard Lope's voice.. being a semi-homophobic person, i couldn't believe they have a gay boss... how could they muster a straight face when Lope is giving them orders.. (this is just my opinion, ok? i don't want to start getting hate mail from gay people) ..anyway, just enforces my idea that Brits have the best sense of humor in the world.. (just look at their movies...About A Boy, Bridget Jones Diary, Full Monty, etc)

System Time: 1:27 PM
Fantasia's the New American Idol..I don't like them both (Diana and Fantasia) but I guess Fantasia deserves it more... had a boo² yesterday.. dex texted this to me :"mi, na2lo yung bet m na c fantasia".. ako naman eengot engot ang basa ko eh "NATALO" hahaha.. pinagkalat ko tuloy sa mga fellow AI enthusiasts ko dito sa prumerica na nanalo si Diana.. wahaha leche... kakatawa.. (Wow Mali! *wapaks sarili*) kasi naman di ko tlga gets mga short cuts ni momi sa text.. paminsan yung "k" pwedeng Ko or Ka.. yung "m" pwedeng Me or Mo.. alang consistency tlga yun, pa iba iba meaning.. tsaka pag nakatext na ganon syempre babasahin mo ang nakasulat.. yung 2 ginagamit lang sa "na2log" or "2mulong" grrr.. lol! i'm fretting bout nothing.. haayy..

System Time: 2:02 PM
waah i can't seem to make myself get into the "programming mood" (read: tinatamad) *wapaks sarili* i wanna get out of this office and watch a movie, or start making the site.. anything, just to get out of here.. 4 hours pa.. how sad.. i'm gonna watch Shrek later with dex.. or maybe The Day After Tomorrow..

System Time: 4:17 PM
just remembered that i logged in around 8 a.m... that means i could go home as early as 5 pm! woohoo.. plus Powerbooks is on sale so i'll probably go there and buy a better Dreamweaver MX book (hope it's discounted.. if it's not, err.. i don't think i'll buy one..'cause sometimes they don't include computer books on the discounts)..

isn't it weird when people buy discounted stuff on their credit cards and then when their statement of account arrives, they don't pay the full balance.. and so it gets interest on the next month, so actually they're paying for something more expensive than the original price..really sucks right? grrr.. that's exactly what I do. *wapaks sarili again*

System Time:5:01 PM
alis na kooo...babayy!

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