Monday, May 17, 2004

...Dindo the Bagyo

System Time: 6:30 PM
summer is officially over and it's signal no. 1 on most parts of the country.. good news is it's not scorching hot anymore, although this kind of weather makes up a very dreary monday.. at least i saw Erlyn this's always nice to see a friend..

i'm all alone here in the IT dept.. don't know where they are.. there's a new guy again (another radix contractor), the one who replaced Glin.. still dunno if he's any better...hmm.. wonder where everybody is..maybe they went home already.. i went down at the fudpark with Ate Pretz to eat dinner and when i came back up, nobody was around. (hurrah for me!)
i could blog all night.. as if i've got something interesting to write, lol.. well anything's better than debugging this stupid VC++ program.. yeah, i'm back in this god forsaken language again 'cause they discovered a runtime error upon entering a certain date.. it's soo weird.. it only causes an error when i enter a birthday with a year = 1950-1952..i mean, when i enter any other year it works fine..grrr... kakainis.

...still got some traces of indelible (err, tama ba?) ink on my finger.. although it's almost invisible.. my first indelible-ink-stained-finger.. makes me feel patriotic, haha.. i belong to the 10% who voted for Ping.. looks like GMA will win.. anyway, anyone's better than FPJ... just hope they stop all these nonsense talk of carrying their electoral fraud complaints on the streets.. they're so stuuuuupid, thinking that everything can be solved by doing a People power thing...

System Time:7:00 PM
i'll be going now, bye all!

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aMgiNe said...

hoy pechay mabuti naman at nagpalit ka na ng lay out at least may dating na etong blog mo noh! babush!