Saturday, May 15, 2004

...keeps getting better and better

just got home.. watched van helsing.. then went shopping also for his clothes.. he bought 1 slacks, 2 t-shirts and 3 pairs of socks .. ( i didn't buy anything.. my cc bill's almost 6k already.. *wahahah*)

hmm.. but you know what's really on my mind? momi has become this awesome kisser.. lol.. i mean, i'm not a big fan of kissing 'cause i find errrr other things much more pleasurable.. but lately, i've been really enjoying his kisses, lol! especially tonight.. after he left, i couldn't help but do a little dance as i entered our house hahaha.. twas a good thing nobody saw me when i did it but i was dancing all the way to my room.. lol!

actually, the day didn't start out as great 'cause first of all, dex was in the wrong MALL... i called him and asked where he was.. he said he was in the cinema level.. so i went to the cinema level, but he wasn't there.. yun pala he was in sta.lucia and i was in robinson.. kala nya robinson din yung lumang sta.lucia.. it was an honest mistake but syempre kakafrustrate parin diba hehe..pero yun, at this point in our relationship.. it's easy for me to let these petty stuff go.. what's important is that we were together for half a day and had a great time.. twas the shopping part that i really enjoyed.. 'cause it's fun to shop for other people! and just being near him all day, makes my heart beat a little faster...we were totally PDA! lol! i'm sooo not a PDA person but dex... waah.. i just love dex. *momiiiiiiiii miss na kitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*

if PC suddenly materialized in front of me right this moment, i wouldn't give him a second glance. i hope that really explains how i feel about dex these past months. sometimes i feel that it's too good to be true, but then again, i'd hate to ponder on things and create problems when everything is just fine. live by the moment, right? and at this moment, it's just me and my momi.

gudnite everyone!

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