Wednesday, October 22, 2003

System Time: 9:25 AM

gud mawnin! about 95% of the prumerica people are attending some kindof company am pretty much working solo here in the IT corner.. ate Pretz usually gets here around 11 am so am by myself til then..

was able to cross another error out of list last night.. *hapi hapi* think am getting the hang of this vc++ shit..

am now typing this blog, thinking that since none of the IT people are here, i might be able to post this on (sana naka-up ang server..)

rats.. meh pumasok na employee na malapit sa pwesto ko.. kala ko pa naman makakapagliwaliw ako sa PC hehe..

anywayz, didn't bring baon today cause ate Pretz texted me last night and said we'll be having lunch out with Nathan and Rion, our officemates in Radix.. they're also assigned here in the Makati area.. hmm.. gutom na ko lol..

actually, bought some Pancakes at City Bites.. they're actually cheap, 40 bucks for 3 fluffy pieces with free Iced tea.. don't think most people have realized it yet ('cause most of they're food are ranged between 90-100 bucks), but i tell you, it's the best breakfast deal (if you're not inclined to eat rice @ mornings, like me).. Country Style has 1 donut + 1 iced tea at 35 bucks, but who gets full with one measly donut? hehehe...

System Time: 9:39 AM
YESSSSS! meh internet! *sayaw-sayaw* just checked it at Ma'am Marivic's (my direct supervisor here at Prumerica) PC.. post ko na toh, mamaya magsidatingan sila hehe!

God bless all! so nice to be able to write again in my blog. ^_^

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