Wednesday, October 22, 2003

My blog last October 13, 2003

debugging this is futile. I haven't seent he light for more than a couple of days now. i've been actually in the dark since the first of october, crawling my way thru this visual c++ maze...i'm so lost even with 4 books infront of me

..**i could hardly keep my eyes open.. must be the monday blues**..

They're having a meeting now (IT people) probably discussing my fate.. or as to how much longer will they torture me.. hope they end this soon as i am pretty much wilting away.. -_-

guess you couldn't really relate to the way i'm feeling.. suppose someone gave you a mandarin book.. you're supposed to explain the whole book after 15 days. the only tool you have is a mandarin-english dictionary. each character you see in the mandarin book, you look up in the dictionary, trying to translate it.. but we all know that mandarin's a very complex language.. an additional character gives the word a whole new meaning. how dapak does one expect you to understand mandarin in 15 days! and suppose by an odd chance you did understand this one paragraph, find out that it's gramatically wrong.. now you're supposed to correct it.. woah.. reading is passable.. but writing it is a whole NEW dimension! that's how i feel. like an alien thrown in a planet of pointers, structures and memory leaks. fucking visual c++. i'll never be able to do this in 15 days.. i need at least a couple of months.. *sighs* i wanna go back to radix huhuhu :( .. these are not ordinary logic or sql errors.. i'm dealing with access violations, unhandled exceptions, failed debug assertions.. i'm even learning how to read basic assembly language! chet. errors that are caused by dangling pointers, stack overflows, virtual spac collisions, chichuqmamish, yomikozo, LOL!! they all sound foreign to me hehe.. it's just not feasible for me.. balik nyo na ko sa radixxxx! waaah! ok lng khet mukhang bomb shelter opis namin.. at least dun, balik VB ako at meh laban.. here, i feel as if someone threw me int he middle of a gang rumble without even a stick for my defense.

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