Wednesday, October 22, 2003

My blog last October 17, 2003:

System Time: 8:00 am

I am invincible!!!

well, not really. at least i was able to solve the Access Violation thingie.. after 3 days of effort, i decided to shift my planned route and concentrate on the generated text files.. and voila! saw the offending data.. just changed the buffer size of a variable and the Access Violation error is ancient history. that's ONE error i have corrected.. 1 after 15 days.. LOL! i'm pathetic, hehe.

**deadline has been moved to next month.. Hurrah!**

am now on my 2nd error.. it's also difficult in a way cause it's a logical error.. i'm still a little fearful of changing some parts of the code 'cause it may have a catastrophic effect on the whole program.. but it'll come to me, i'm quite sure now.. just have to be more diligent and focused..

..i'll be quite busy this saturday.. 3-6 pm with HS kada and 6 onwards with my ISM kada.. wasn't planned.. just got my dates messed up (again) still don't know how i'm going to pull it off (HS kada- as usual, figaro@brickroad, cainta.. while ISM kada, Makati) i can't say no to either cause the first one's kinda a habit for us now, our "monthly meetings".. while the other's our padespedida for Harbie.. she's leaving for Ohio on the 25th..(huhuhu) we're taking her out to dinner and KTV, hehe.

ay! good news.. meh work na si momi!!! he's already starting his training.. the company's a call center and it's also located here in Makati, so we usually get to meet after work.. i'm so happy for him.. hope he survives the training..

gotta get back to work..

System Time: 2:10 PM
..shit am so sleepy. had lunch with ria today.. discussed some of our plans for harbie's despedida "party". it's not really a party 'cause it'll just be the 5 of us (me, ria, roni, anshe and harbie... si eboy? ma at pa)

am so sleypiiiiiiiiiiii. hay. work ulit. bye bye!

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