Wednesday, October 22, 2003

My blog last October 20, 2003

System Time: 8:33 PM
..still here in Prumerica.. feel pretty good today 'cause i solved another error.. i've been contemplating for days how i could correct it, then this morning it ust hit me to try another approach.. well, TG! i'm one less error away from this seemingly endless, world's buggiest program..

just had dinner with momi.. he's still at the Fudpark, waiting for me.. (how swit ^-^) he also had a good day at work today, told me he got 3 "leads".. have no idea what they are, but i think, the more leads you have, the better, so good for him! is also sir tony's (IT director here at Prumerica) birthday today so he treated the whole IT staff for lunch.. we ate at Masas (in GB2) was great, (the iced tea sucked) my fave was the tuna belly, yum-yum.. i still have my lunch baon with me, will probably eat it when i get home.. haay.. speaking of which.. i wanna go home already, hay.. at least i was able to accomplish something today.. (hurrah!) dunno when i'll be able to post these blogs.. am just writing them on my notebook.. am actually just killing time.. it's 8:44 pm and i will go home at exactly 9 o'clock..

System Time: 8:50 pm <--10 minutes to go!

System Time: 9:00 pm
bye bye bye!

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