Tuesday, May 13, 2003

System Time: 9:33 AM
..have finished two of my forms.. am now working on my form that was supposed to be started yesterday... so i'm just a day behind my schedule.. *whew* not so bad.. especially if i finish this one on the designated deadline.. form looks similar to the previous form so i decided to blog first before i start..

have bought a new ps2 game.. Clock Tower 3.. scary shit.. am just in the first stage and already am screaming while playing, lol! kakakaba kasiii..especially when i was in the Tailor shop and this big guy with a sledge hammer runs after Alyssa (the character i'm controlling).. it's funny 'cause when Alyssa's panic meter moves up.. her movements are sluggish and the screen starts to look fuzzy.. i wanted to play it again last night but i couldn't do it alone.. waahaha. i might spook myself. lol.

System Time: 10:30 AM
..ok.. still not in the mood.. but i'll REALLY try to continue working after a few minutes..

System Time: 11:34 AM
..brrrr it's so cold.. can't even type properly.. feel as if i need some gloves or mittens.. and ear muffs if possible.. my ears feel like ice.. lolz. gaah.

System Time: 11:40 AM
..ayun..borrowed kuya roni's jacket.. hmm.. bagong laba uh.. smells like clorox BWAHAHA.

System Time: 1:02 PM
..been reading Erlyn's blog.. hoyyyyyy! anong walang OLD FRIENDS. gusto mo ng sapok? *wapaks*

anywayz.. read this quote(?) from her blog which i find very inspiring..

What matters in this life is more than winning for ourselves. What matters
in this life is helping others win, even if it means slowing down and
changing our course.

"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle

System Time: 1:07 PM
..gotta get some work done.. BeRightBack

System Time: 5:19 PM
..i'm finished alreadyyy! well.. i think i am with my "programmer's test".. i call it that 'cause usually, a programmer's test activity varies from that of a QA/QC specialist.. 'cause i'm testing something that i've created so i'm kinda entering values which i know my program could handle/validate..unlike that of a QA specialist, testing's his job so he has to be especially good at it, thinking of different possible scenarios that could happen in a form. my deadline is still on Monday..more than enough time for me to be QAspecialist-like..

..in the meantime.. i'm just waiting for 6 pm.. i might go to Megamall after work so that i could get an application form for an Addict Mobile plan at the Smart Tel. Center.. have decided to opt for the Smart Amazing Phone instead of a Nokia 3650,.. main reason is that the SmartPhone has Windows Media player, ergo, i could play mp3s..plus, 3650 has a really weird keypad.. all my previous texting instincts will go to waste, lol.. my kabarkada from Precom, ten-ten, has that phone.. and i was just fucking staring at the keypad looking for a certain letter before i could press anything and start texting..

System Time: 5:38 PM
..bwahaha. had a major-boo² in one of my forms.. forgot to filter the records.. i just had to add something in my code but still, dyahe sa SA ko, hehe.

System Time: 5:44 PM
..am getting paranoid everytime Sir Dennis (my SA) leaves their Room (or Aquarium, as we call it).. i keep on expecting him to tell me another bug/error with my form.. wahaha.

System Time: 6:03 PM
..will go now.. bye all! *hugs*

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