Monday, May 26, 2003

System Time: 11:06 AM a new phoneeeeee wehehe. it's not as fancy (or expensive) as other MMS capable phones but it'll do.. got a Sony Ericsson T68i.. actually.. when it was first launched in the market, i kinda liked it already but i didn't have the money at that time.. now the price is almost half of the original.. so i'm glad i waited.. :) my application for Addict mobile didn't push thru.. 'cause they kept on asking additional requirements.. kainish.. only reason why i wanted to have an addict plan 'cause i wanted the smart amazing phone.. eh kaurat kasi kung ano ano puh hinihingi nila.. hmpft. so decided to just buy a cheaper phone..still am adapting with the new menu..but at least this phone's pocket-able. a bit of bad news.. my other officemates (the batch after us) are now assigned in different clients.. awww.. will miss them.. especially during break time 'cause we usually eat together (lol!).. most of them are at PLDT, others at Nestle..

System Time: 1:05 PM
*beritayt hug for ate cha* hayyy. i know d feeling.. and you're not alone.. in life, you'll know who your true friends are.. we haven't met.. we haven't seen each other.. but i consider you as one of my truest friends.. being friends doesn't mean that you have to go out or do things together.. it's knowing that one deeply cares for you and will be there for you in whatever way possible.. *miss yu ate cha*

System Time: 1:30 PM
..gaah. @_@ am sleypi again.. so what else is new.. haay.

..reading some e-mails i saved in the notepad..
one was about "natural highs".. there are 50 items in the list.. but here are my favorites..

1. Laughing so hard your face hurts.
2. Hearing your favorite song on the radio.
3. Lying in bed listening to the rain outside.
4. A long distance phone call. <--hehe
5. Finding a 20 note in your coat from last winter. <-- or in my case, found 500 php in my old wallet that i haven't used for 2 yrs..
6. Laughing at an inside joke.
7. Friends.
8. Waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left to sleep.
9. Road trips with friends.
10. Watching the expression on someone's face as they open a much desired
present from you

System Time: 3:01 PM
..hehe.. texting my officemates who are in PLDT.. we have this sort of morning ritual.. we read each other's horoscopes found in Libre, a free magazine distributed in MRT stations.. since they're not here.. (plus we're either bored/have nothing to do or in my case, delaying my workload, hehe) i'm texting them their horoscopes.. lol! at least it gave me the chance to break-in my phone..

System Time: 4:41 PM
..wahaha. lakas ng ulan.

System Time: 5:03 PM
..ok, ok.. so am not working.. i swear i'll do this tomorrow.. nay.. i'll finish this.. maybe it's the knowledge that my deadline's still tomorrow and it looks like i could finish it that distracts me in actually coding today.. plus i keep on thinking on how i'm going to go home later with the heavy rain and all..

System Time: 5:14 PM
..damn time isn't moving..

System Time: 5:38 PM <--hu-hum..
..haven't sent momi's letter yet.. i'll probably do it this week.. still hafto buy him a prepaid sim.. hehe.. gip kuuu.. bat buh..

System Time: 5:58 PM
..last 2 minutes! woohoo! will post this blog after 2.. babayy!!

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