Thursday, May 29, 2003

System Time: 9:31 AM spacing out again.. been working (yep, i am..although only half-heartedly) for an hour.. i'm stuck again with my codes.. i began to think if i really want this kind of work..but my bond's still for more than a year so i guess i have no choice but to go to work.. (unless i had 240,000!)
..speaking of money.. i am SO broke.. i owe my sister 2500 bucks.. plus my monthly cable fee, plus my monthly installment for my ps2, PLUS my monthly installment for my new phone.. WAAAAAAAH. *paging, paging: ten² and erlyn.. your share for cherry's gift will be GREATLY appreciated* ..the only reason why i can't send momi a simpack 'cause i don't have the money to buy one! huhuhu! project incentive's only given every 15th so i can't expect money coming from that.. i've been working for almost 2 years and i don't have any savings.. i only save when i want to buy something.. so when i do buy it, i've got no money left! i'm pathetic. *tsk tsk*

System Time: 3:38 PM
..i love the smell of body shop's tobacco flower.. (syempre meh tobacco parin).. but really,ang bango talaga.. ehehe.. parang trademark perfume ko na nguh siya eh.. naalala na ako ng mga officemates ko pag nakakaamoy daw sila ng ganon.. haha, in short.. meh amoy ako, LOL!

System Time: 6:07 PM
..waahh babay!

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