Friday, May 09, 2003

System Time: 4:11 PM
..think i listened to 3 smallville episodes here at the office today.. listened because i could only take a peek once in a while when i felt that it was safe to do so.. i've got 4 superiors and i don't want to get caught watching a video file during office hours.. i guess you could say that i've done some pretty minimal office work's a friday, and it's sooo hard to concentrate on anything.. even felt a little bummed out cause one of the SAs approached me and told me that he'll be giving a couple of my assigned forms to somebody else.. he gave me some lame excuse that he'll be replacing them with forms already similar to what i'm doing now.. but i'm sure he thinks that i'm not competent enough to do difficult ones.. hay. Whatever. i know i should feel challenged and prove my worth but i'm just not in the mood to be anyone's favorite right now. i just wanna log out and go to the mall and meet eboy and watch a movie.

..(aside from waiting for 5 pm).. currently listening to my Incubus and Coldplay mp3s..

iiiiiiiiiiiiiii wishhhhhhh you were heeerrreee


..i'm really keen on replacing my no-resale-value gd93 phone.. i'm assessing on my mind if i could afford to have a 1335 post-paid plan in Smart. they're offering the SmartPhone free if you have that plan for 24 months. it's a pretty cool phone.. it's Microsoft powered tri-band handset, colored LCD with a clip-on digital camera. but what really interests me is its capability to play mp3s. memory's only 32 mb but there's an expansion slot up to 512 mb.. plus it's not bulky unlike the other mp3-player-cellphones that looks like a Surf Jumbo bar.. i'm not a bag person so it's really important for me that i could put my phone in my pocket..

..still 30 minutes to go.. i'm trying to convince Eboy thru text to watch Xerex (LoL) instead of X-men2 ..haven't told her that i've already watched it with my sister 'cause i was the one who invited her to see X2 with me.. wehehe..fatay. i guess seeing the movie twice isn't that insupportable.. hmm.. i'd be able to see Pyro again hehe.

ei. didn't realize that i've got Dj sammy's Heaven in my mp3 play list..

Now nothing can change what you mean to me
There's a lot that I could say
But just hold me now
Cause our love will light the way

Baby you're all that I want
When you're lying here in my arms
I'm finding it hard to believe
We're in heaven
And lovin' is all that I need
And I'm finally there in your heart
It isn't too hard to see,
We're in heaven momi's gb entry last night.. (or was it the other night..) i'm so happy to hear from him.. i miss him terribly. :(

System Time: 5:12 PM

bye all!

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