Sunday, February 21, 2010

...home invasion

last night, someone.. or a few others, we don't know for sure, managed to get inside the bedrooms on the 2nd floor of my parents' house and stole my mom's jewelry box and 1,750usd. this was between 5-7pm, with my mom and dad and lilia just downstairs, with my mom facebooking (as usual), lilia cooking and daddy sleeping (as usual). *sighs* so friggin scary.

i thought our house was as secure as fort knox. and almost someone is awake 24/7. dad wakes up in an ungodly hour of 4am.. mom sleeps at 1am. we think they got in from the back gate and climbed the watertank tower to get to the roof. The aircon was pushed in the 2nd bedroom upstairs, which ate ging and i used to share. the aircon in our parent's room had grills surrounding it, which we've never thought of putting one in our room, for reasons we can only speculate and regret why.

at least everyone's safe. we imagine that person must have had a weapon, to be so bold in breaking in a house that obviously had people inside. what if mom or dad went up to get something whilst the intruder was still there? *shudders*

lesson to be learned from this story?

1. don't keep money in your house. (my mom should've known better.. because it was an odd amount, she was waiting for 200 or so dollars to magically appear for her so it'll be 2k usd before she deposits it.. as if that was a minimum amount or something. it wasn't. she already had a dollar account. now it's goneeeeeee.)

2. put friggin grills on the aircon holes in your house.

3. wear your wedding and engagement rings. my engagement ring was one of the unfortunate consequences of the burglary. *sighs* so sorry pangs.


twistedzero said...

Kala ko nawala na yun before pa? hehehe

Ok lang >:D<

Marj and Carlos said...

Glad everyone's okay.

aMgiNe said...

ouch so sorry to hear that. but at least they're all safe. yeah better have them put grills for the aircon holes.