Friday, February 05, 2010

...freaking out

i just left tsug on his own at his playgroup.. it's just for an hour and a half but i'm so nervous my legs could barely support me while i crossed the street back to our house.. i can't breathe properly and i think i'm having palpitations lol. i actually left him crying cause he saw me go out of the room but when the teacher carried him he kinda settled down.

i tried to read to get my mind off him but it's no use. hence the instant blogging. i haven't done this for a long time, i usually only blog with a topic in mind. or i actually plan when i'll blog.. i guess this is the perks of having an hour for myself. i called pangs and i was stuttering and saying weird no-sense stuff like "is your office address a direct line?" wahahaha.

i'm currently trying to read LA Candy by Lauren Conrad.. the previous star of the reality tv show The Hills (my guilty pleasure) before she left the show and left bitchy Kristin Cavalliari to fill in her spot.. i'm happy to report that the ratings have been down since she left hehe.. the hills just isn't the same without LC and with only evil couple Heidi and Spencer to run the show, let's just say i've had enough of Heidi's surgically enhanced face and body to last me a lifetime.

(frick i just hit some button that almost made me lose this post. thank god for autosave in blogger. maybe typing this in our laptop with missing keys (tsugtsug's doing) with my hands are shaking is not a good idea)

i think i'll go back to the daycare now.. it's been a whole 30 minutes. lol.

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