Wednesday, February 17, 2010

...subic trip

for nanay's birthday, we went to subic last jan 24-25. the new highway to subic was excellent (SCTEX) and from Meycauyan, it only took us 2 hours to reach subic. mountains were literally cut down to half to make way for the new road. the roads were so smooth, i had to tell raymond every so often to keep it under 120kph cause we weren't wearing any seatbelts at the back. tsug was relatively well behaved during the car ride, it also helped that we played the Gymboree CD in the car. By the end of our trip everyone of us had the songs stuck in our head. (*sing gymboreeee.. sing gymboreee*)

riding with Gymbo the clown

first stop, ocean adventure. basically there's nothing to see in ocean adventure except for shows. the dolphin, sea lion and some other show involving some snakes. there was a small aquarium, which tsug appreciated. since it was tsug's nap time already, the only show i saw were these 2 caucasians in penguin suits jumping up and down from a trampoline and the host cracking jokes like "anong fish ang marunong mag martial arts?", "tila-PYA!".

squinting under the harsh afternoon sun; got there around 1130ish

ish!! ish!!

tsug had his afternoon nap so i wasn't able to see the dolphin show, but nanay and the rest of them were able to watch.
dolphin show 17448_1306749822449_1041659467_934176_1880726_n
17448_1306749702446_1041659467_934174_202169_n 17448_1306749502441_1041659467_934169_520987_n
flying high @dolphin show

the hotel (Lighthouse Hotel) also was a bit of a disappointment. didn't know why it was highly recommended in TripAdvisor. it was extremely overpriced for such a small room (we booked Aqua Veranda). i was expecting a suite at least. the balcony was tiny, though the view was really fantastic.
still, the most i'll pay for this room is 6k, 7k would be pushing it. so not worth it. if there's a next time in subic, we'll check out the Segara Villas.

view in front of the hotel

hotel facade

with nanay

tsug at the bathtub. see the small room? this is it. and a very small balcony that just fits 2 people.

after we checked out the next day, we went to Zoobic, which made our entire Subic trip worth it. firstly, it was a guided tour, so you're not wandering at the zoo by yourself. plus there was a tram ride, and the tiger ride where a guide takes a raw chicken and feeds the tiger through the jeep's grilled windows. very exciting! you can actually touch the tiger if you were suicidal or something. tsug was sleeping at first, but i just had to wake him up when we reached the mini petting zoo. tsug very much liked touching the sheep and deer.. and even bottle fed the deer some milk.

zoobic main entrance


zoobic train
tsug feeding the bear cat

it's bambi!

still not tired of camels

IMG_8509 IMG_8511
IMG_8501 IMG_8534
more animals; tsug still sleeping at stokke, had to wake him up; inside the tiger jeep ride

definitely the highlight of our trip

Really enjoyed zoobic, can return there when tsug is much older!

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aMgiNe said...

ay naku pag nanay ka na talaga eh noh, ikaw na huling kakain, di ka makakanood ng kung ano ano at di ka din makakasama madalas.

glad to hear tsug had a nice time. :)