Saturday, February 06, 2010 year's eve at vieux chalet, antipolo

first time for us to celebrate the new year outside our homes.. i was mostly concerned about tsug and the noise and smoke which will be inevitably created by our neighbors so i looked for somewhere near enough (where daddy will agree to go) but far enough from all the hoopla.. hence, vieux chalet in antipolo.

mommy actually knows mrs. susan hassig, the owner, from remai or common friends (i'm not so sure) and i wanted to try the swiss food. i've seen my highschool classmate's blog about the place, and she wrote great reviews so we were set. we were a party of 8 adults, and 1 makulit baby so we occupied all 3 rooms.

IMG_8305 IMG_8304
our pink room; never leave the house without one of tsug's toys
IMG_8303 IMG_8302
can't survive without tv!

the rooms were small but cosy, each with a tiny toilet with a bathtub. the small bathtub was actually pretty nice, one side was reclined so it was surprisingly comfortable to lie in. two of the rooms were on the 2nd floor, each with a balcony. the 3rd room had a japanese theme, the bed on a wooden platform complete with stones on the side. it didn't have a balcony but it had a huge window overlooking the city lights.

outside was a well maintained garden, daybed and a small swimming pool. we didn't really feel like swimming, i'm sure it would be friggin cold.

day bed shot

IMG_8338 IMG_8337
IMG_8335 IMG_8333
IMG_8321 IMG_8306
swimming pool; jacuzzi
sunset view from the balcony

the room rate was around 6k for 2 persons, including dinner OR breakfast. we got it for a discounted rate of 15k for the 3 rooms and dinner for 8.

my only shot at the restaurant

herb rice and osso bucco

the meal included seemed promising at first,.. soup, salad and carbonara.. then the main courses were osso bucco, lamb shoulder and this salmon thingie. (forgot the name) and carrot cake with ice cream for dessert .. sounds plenty right? problem was the main courses were just a plate each so i guess i ate about a spoonful for each of them. the salmon only had 2 thin slices and it was served family style so i guess we had to do a 'miracle of the bread' of some sort on that one. the dessert, a square piece of carrot cake and ice cream, came with two spoons per serving so that means two had to share. my husband ordered a separate dessert for me cause i had to go back to the room and nurse tsugtsug to sleep and i was very thankful cause that made my stomach full. (i was still hungry before that) the serving really wasn't enough for 8 adults, i was wondering to myself if a party of five would only have one slice of salmon included.. but i have a weird feeling this is what they serve whatever the number of guests are so it was just bad luck that we were 8. (if we were 6, it would've been just right). the food tasted great though, whatever little i had of it hehe.

i was hoping this would become a yearly tradition for us but i might have a hard time to convince my sisters and husband to go again. maybe we'll try seven suites next time. (also located in antipolo).

the view was fantastic though. it was like a warzone of fireworks, which started as early as 10pm.. there was one rich village (probably corinthian gardens) which had fireworks nonestop. tsug fell asleep through the chaos, and we played Taboo while waiting for midnight. we also ordered some pasta and we brought cake for our noche buena.

at our rooms' balcony.. just woke up daddy here

ate chary and mommy.. that's part of ate chary's wedding cake!

happy 2010!!!!

since we opted for the free dinner instead of the breakfast, we went to the town proper and ate at Jollibee the next day!! (or you can have breakfast at the inn for 720php, good for 2 pax)

first meal of 2010

oh yes, iced tea. minsan lang naman eh!

happy new year!


aMgiNe said...

wow u went there! tagal ko ng gustong puntahan yan kaso di ma2loy 2loy. and you had osso bucco!!!

geWi said...

punta kayong 3! lapit lng naman para change of scenery hehe

Piggy said...

nice!! actually ganda!! :)

janeius said...

nice view of the fireworks =)

waaaah! jollibee! penge!