Wednesday, March 26, 2008


i'm doing an inventory of tsugtsug's things.. and let me tell you, it's A LOT! i've filled up about 5 plastic boxes already and tsugtsug's not even born yet!! LOL! Pangs and I didn't have the experience of actually buying something for the baby together.. back in SG, we would go to baby stores, but never really bought anything. you know why? baby stores can be pretty intimidating! there's just TOO much stuff there!! (too much ALIEN stuff) I needed to read a loooot of books and forums just to understand all these unfamiliar baby terms.. (rompers, creepers, layettes, etc) Who knew nipples/teats come in different no. of holes? Or that breast pumps can be electronic/manual? and Anti-colic bottles? (What the hell is a 'colicky' baby?) I learned quite a bit thru googling and from n@wies(yahoogroup for pinoy newlyweds), TG.

Here's a list of tsugtsug's stuff so far (btw, my balikbayan box arrived safely!):
6 sleeveless shirts
3 short sleeve shirts
9 shorts
a dozen nappies (for punas punas daw.. also learned that lampins have 2 kinds! and have weird names! gauze and birdseye!)
8 onesies including his going-home outfit

i love SM Mall! ehehe. actually, all Malls here in Manila.. clothes are so cheap compared to SG and i didn't even go to Divi! (was initially planning to, but got so lazy) I bought this set on discount, so cheap and they're even 100% cotton!

This one i bought in SG. It's kiddopotamus (something like that) swaddling something. Swaddling is when you wrap the baby and make it look like a burrito. Apparently, newborns like to be swaddled, like how they used to feel while they were in the womb. This swaddler has velcro and stuff so swaddling can be idiot-proof.

I also bought:
9 mittens (the string kind, i've read in forums that garterized kind easily get off)
9 Bibs
4 caps
7 booties (also bought the string kind, 1 is from the matching set from the photo)
3 receiving blankets (hooded)
3 baby blankets (without a hood.. don't ask.. i'm not sure also why i bought)


I bought a cheap bath tub (around 300 bucks, 10sgd) cause i won't be able to bring this to SG. but i bought the cradle thingie for newborn from safety 1st: (again, who knew? apparently for neck support. you can support the baby's neck with your hand, but at least with a cradle you can use two hands to wash the baby)

3 hooded towels (i thought hooded towels would look literally like a hood, as in little red riding hood's hood.. but its more of just a triangle patch at the corner of a towel.. so i was like, this is it?)
2 in 1 Pigeon Head to Toe wash
3 wash cloths
1 sponge

1 playpen


Bought at Sta.Lucia Mall.. its so cheap!(under 200 sgd) 3 in 1 Disney Babies playpen siya. It has a changing table, bassinet and playpen. There's even an organizer for diapers and wipes. It's like a cheap version of Graco pack and play. Again, not sure if we can bring the playpen back to SG so will not buy Graco stuff here. Future Grandpa contributed 3k for the crib (Yey! thanks Daddy!) Actually, I was dead-set already to buy this 3.2k crib we already checked out before. We would pass by the Disney Baby playpen but not ask about it cause it has a tag of 5.5k. But then we saw this awesome, awesome (not Graco, forgot the brand) crib and it was 8.5k.. the salesman made the demo and we were impressed but not with the price.. AND SO, when we looked around again and saw the Disney Baby playpen, it now seemed super INexpensive hahaha! so we went home with it. Also, salesmen for baby cribs are sca-ry. as in. they're so competitive with each other haha. "Ay yan mam (sabay turo sa kabilang crib), madaling masira net nyan eh!" then the other one says "Ay mam, hindi totoo yun, sa kanya plastic yung lining, eto cloth" etc. etc.. LOL! I'm surprised these guys haven't knocked the lights off each other!

with changing table and organizer

Anyway, I also bought 2 comforters for the playpen. Not sure where to buy fitted sheets, perhaps i'll just use regular sheets and tuck it in really well.

I think i went overboard with the bottles. Think I got too much! Anyway, I'll keep some in boxes so I can give/sell some in case I won't be able to use it.
3 4oz feeding bottle
4 9 oz feeding bottle
2 7 oz feeding bottle
--> It's different sizes cause the 4 and 9oz are Avent ones, and the 7oz are Pigeon bottles. I think someone mentioned some babies like the nipples/teats for Avent, some like Pigeon that's why I bought 2 brands nyahaha.
Also have tongs,bottlebrush for cleaning. Haven't bought the bottle cleanser.. waiting for Reeyuh. AHAHAHA.(*winks*)
I bought the Newborn starter set, then the 3 pack 9oz bottle. got the 4th 9oz one from the Breast pump.

Since I'm keen on breastfeeding, I also bought the Avent Isis IQ Uno Breastpump. I decided on this because its the only reasonably priced electronic pump that I found. (I bought it for 270sgd, about 7.8k)I was first hesitant to buy a pump because some people told me not to buy cause i might not be able to produce milk, etc. but after googling and reading about breastfeeding, napipilit daw yun. :D. And a pump actually helps to stimulate the milk.

Got this breastmilk storage sets as well.

This is the Electronic Sterilizer I bought. Got to remember to read the manual and learn how to use it! ehehe.

Also have Pigeon disposable breast pads (for leaks). Oooh, i have a 'milk story'.
(WARNING to Squeamish and underaged people!)

I saw milk come out from my left boob ehehe. I was so freaked out! ahaha. My nips have been aching lately so I guess I was bored and decided to play with it LOL. I just pinched the whole thing and I saw a teeny bit of liquid come out. I stopped breathing for a whole minute, then tried it again. Liquid still came out! I told my sister right away (Ate! Meh gatas ako tingnan mo oh ahahahaha!) Then that night, I was reading "What to expect on the First year" and saw that you're not supposed to stimulate your breasts as it may cause uterine(?) contractions ehehehehe. I felt really guilty hihihi. I'm not gonna do it again, ok? Was just really happy (and shocked) when I saw the milk.

Okay, back to tsugtsug's stuff...
I haven't bought baby wipes yet. It's recommended that you don't use baby wipes until the baby is 2 months old (Alcohol in wipes are harmful daw on baby's skin). So cotton and warm water will do.

Vivian recommended: No-rinse cleansing fluid by Mustela. She swears by it. She said sometimes, even after you wipe the baby's butt it still smells of poopoo and this one gets rid of the smell. So I decided to buy one (it's 20 friggin bucks, almost 600php.) and try it. Tsugtsug's behind is precious. harharhar.

Also have 2 tubes of drapolene cream (for every diaper change to prevent rashes) I couldn't find the DESITIN brand some n@wies recommended. Anyway, ito muna.

I think that's it so far. *whew* OH, I also have this baby laundry detergent by Enfant (again, who friggin knew babies have their own) and a couple of waterproof mats. (for the crib, changing table, etc.)

Today was my check-up (I'm on my 34th week!) and my OB said April 10th is my 37th week already so I can have the baby anytime after that. On my mind when she said that was "noooooooooooo tsugtsug and I will wait for Pangs!!! lol. But at least, I won't worry too much after April 10 with regards to tsugtsug becoming a premature baby. My checkup from now on will be weekly so I hope tsugtsug behaves and waits for his daddy! :D

That's it for now, bye folks!


cathleen said...

wow! ang daming stuff ni tsug tsug!
Hope you'll have an easy delivery.
Kelan ka magpapakita sa amin?


rEeYuH said...

lolz @ the milk story

na pressure ako dito ah. hehe

Mai said...

wow lapit na pala! and super prepared na ang mga things. si Baby Asher din meron din siyang cradle..and truly, super helpful! In fact, kaya ko na siyang paliguan mag-isa basta meron nun :)

Just a piece of advice since lapit ka na...take extra precaution and sleeeeeeppppp! promise, pag lumabas na si baby, zombie ang feeling sa puyat. And be sure pati si pangs, patulugin mo na rin ng patulugin ngayon hehe!


geWi said...

cath.. hirap lumawas ng maynila ehehehe.

reeyuh.. bakit ka napressure? lol di ko gets.

mai.. onga, gusto ko tlgang matulog ng matulog pero nakakatawa pag nagigising ako ng madaling araw (like mga 4).. tas biglang kung ano ano na naiisip ko, hindi na ako makabalik ng tulog!!! nyahaha!