Tuesday, March 18, 2008

...ooops mali

the other night, i woke up at 2am because of a veryyy painful stomachache. on my mind was "oh shit, hyperacidity na naman badtrip".. so i went down to our kitchen and ate some blue skies biscuits.. i've had hyperacidity before (more so when i became pregnant) and from past experience, the relief after eating just one biscuit was almost instant.. but this time, i finished the whole thing but it was still very painful.. it was so painful, it made me feel sick and i puked the whole thing again. (water i drank and the biscuits).. i was trying to fight the urge to puke, i puked tuloy in front of my sister's bedroom door so i tried to catch it on my hands hahahaha (ewwwww). after that.. i attempted to eat again another packet (maybe its because its blue skies and not skyflakes that's why it wasn't working??? that's my theory. LOL) but it was about 3am then and i couldn't tolerate the pain anymore. i never went to the doctor before about this and when i asked, they would tell me that prevention was the best cure.. (eat small but frequent meals.. have a light midnight snack an hour before sleeping) but i remember that night, i didn't eat my usual cookie, and hence the hyperacidity. i woke up my mom and she gave me a cup of warm milk but it still didn't work (lalo pa atang sumakit). when she suggested to go to medical city, i was in so much pain i agreed. (big mistake!!! lol). 3:30 we were at the hospital, first time i got to ride a wheelchair haha. all pregnant patients go directly to the pre-labor room so at least, i now know what that looks like harhar. i was asked to put on the dressing gown (which i attempted twice to put on right.. i always forget the opening goes at the back! as if i haven't watched enough hospital shows) and then i lied down and hooked to a fetal monitor to check if i had contractions. 20 minutes daw for them to know. but my oh-so-pasaway-na baby kept on moving so his movements would dislodge the fetal monitor and screw up the monitoring so we had to do it again and again and again. i think it was the 3rd attempt when we were able to complete the test and the doctor said i had one contraction so she needs to do an IE on me. ohmygosh, first time i heard this term (yeah, sorry, my OB in SG never did this to me!!). The doc inserts her fingers in your you-know-what to check if your cervix (or whatever's down there) is open. gawd it was painful, perhaps it's because pangs is away i felt like a virgin again AHAHAHAHA. anyway, doc says my thingie was closed. (good! tsugtsug will wait for his daddy!)

But that's not the reason why my blog is titled as such. its because after the fetal monitor was wrapped around me, after only 5 minutes, every ounce of pain i had felt was gone. as in zero. as in nothing. no more tummyache. (blue skies finally took effect!) so you can imagine how foolish i felt lying there, totally pain free. when someone will check on me and ask me "humihilab ba?" i would murmur "mahapdi pa" HAHAHA. it was very stupid. i was already thinking how much this will cost me. and then another patient came in and she was experiencing pre-eclampsia (right spelling? dunno) which made me feel more shameful that i was taking up some needed manpower when i should just go home and get out of the way so they can focus on this lady. (she was only 26 weeks pregnant, and they were poor. they were transferred there because the clinic they came from didn't have enough facilities. she had medicard but her coverage was only for consultation and not for admission. her baby's heartbeat is slowing down and since she's only 26 weeks pregnant, her baby needs extra care in nursery that will cost them roughly 15k(500sgd) a day! when you're lying and have nothing else to do, you tend to hear everything ehehehe.) so there i was, (i haven't completed the monitoring test during this time) feeling embarassed and thinking why i didn't eat a friggin cookie last night. finally, the doc came in and did the IE thing. She called up my OB and my OB wanted to admit me and i was like "no way! i can't pretend anymore lol" i mean, outloud i said "no, i don't think that's necessary" and they injected me with this medicine to lessen my nausea and prescribed me maalox. haha. maalox lang pala, kainis. anyway, the whole thing only cost me 1100 bucks(35sgd) so at least THAT part wasn't so bad.

*sighs* last night i ate like 3 times after 7 o'clock (pasta, then some minatamis na saging and then the slow-acting-blue-skies) and the night went by without incident. TG!

lessons i've learned:
eat the friggin cookie before bedtime
pregnant women can take maalox
don't take milk when you have hyperacidity! (my mom and i both didn't know okay?)
wear a nicer shirt before going to hospital (don't ask me what i was wearing)

that's it. hope you also learned something from my experience eheheeh.


harbie said...

iba pa rin ang skyflakes. =P

aMgiNe said...

natawa ko uminom ka pa milk eh bawal un to the max kapag may hyperacidity ka.

geWi said...

lol@harbie. onga, blueskies kasi eh.

erlyn.. malay ba namin!

rEeYuH said...

ahhh so dpat skyflakes tlga? any flavor? hehe