Sunday, March 09, 2008

...ate's wedding

more of the pictures! these were just taken by my dad (so no photos at the church yet hehe)

bride and groom

drunk bride.. i love her gown! (looks similar to mine ehehehe)

with cousins

me and ate chary

mom and dad.. look at mom's gown, so bongga hehe.

missed my pangs so much.. next day they went to mt. fuji!!! i'm so so so envious. here's his photo

at mt.fuji
with sir tony and vivian .. its so beautiful!

that's all for now.. bye guys!


rEeYuH said...

nice! details ng wedding?!!

tlgang kelangan me bow pa si tsugtsug.. buti blue. hehe

geWi said...

haha syempre. sabi nila kahawig daw ng sinuot ni Jlo yung gown ko (i dunno kung san hehe).

sa nuestra senora din (same church) tas sa blue leaf, sa meh serendra yung reception.

harbie said...

bonggacious ni tita! at ang daddy nyo gewi, mukhang senator! *thumbs up* tito ed, istatue? =P

btw, i lurrrve your dress, with accent pa sa preggy tyan, shemps! hahaha!

btw, honga, details nung wedding? demanding. hehe!

cathleen said...

like you your dress and the bridal gown too.