Friday, March 14, 2008

..tsug-tsug, tsug-tsug, tsug-tsug

i think my heartbeat now is as fast as tsugtsug's! lately, i have been restless and filled with anxiety.. super kabado.. i usually can sleep easily, but now, i can't sleep before 1 am. It's a mixture of how uncomfortable my tummy is now and this funny feeling i get in my stomach (like hyperacidity with indigestion, lol) AND all these thoughts going on in my head. so much stuff like.. how will i know i'm even in labor? LOL. i've had a smoooooth ride so far (no complaints here!) but sometimes, it makes me wonder if i'll ever be feeling any sorta pain or contractions. (i don't even know how braxton hicks feels like) Or like will i be able to breastfeed successfully? Or mundane stuff like what if tsugtsug doesn't like Avent nipples! wahahah. What will i friggin do with all the bottles i bought! (i think i bought 6, plus those that came with the sterilizer) And where is my friggin balikbayan box? It's been 2 weeks already! TG we brought the Quinny with us but that box has tsugtsug's Sterilizer, bottles, breast pump.. baby books.. and my gingersnaps preggy jeans wahahaha. i knoooow i'm an advocate of positive thinking but it IS really tough to stick with happy thoughts when i keep thinking that THAT box contains my 640sgd worth of baby stuff nyahahah!

And then, there's the issue "will pangs be here when i deliver". I dunno why we thought May 1 is okay day for him to travel. That's my friggin 40th week! (okay, getting nauseous now).. He's supposed to buy the infant car seat for tsugtsug! What will tsugtsug use if he's not here L O l. (yun talaga naisip anu!) What if he's still in friggin Japan when i go in labor??? Hay. so many worries. But yeah. writing about it helps.. it makes me read my post and say "We can't do anything about it! Might as well not worry" hehehe. (i'm going locooo)

Yesterday was my first visit at a local OB. I must say, the system kinda sucks here. I went to Medical City and I got there at 9am. I called them before to confirm their opening hours and the receptionist did say 9am-2pm. Lo and behold I got there at quarter to 9 and it was still friggin dark inside the clinic. No one was there yet! I wanted to be early cause the girl said they don't take appointments, its just a first come, first serve basis. I guess I got used to my previous OB's clinic.. when they say they open at 9am, it means the DOCTOR comes in at 9. And you can get listed as early as 8am. Okay, so the girl/receptionist came in at 20 minutes after 9 (no biggie right?) but the Doctor came in at 11am! *sighs* at least I was warned by the girl receptionist to eat first as the doctor will come in at 10 (10 daw! hmpft) so I wasn't THAT hungry. When Doc finally came in, they even chit-chatted for 10 mins before seeing me. (okay, i'm being a b*tch now haha! but like my mom said, they know we've been waiting since 9am, the least they can do is entertain me ASAP) My OB was pleasant enough (mommy-like) and she's my friend's Tita so I have no complaints with HER perce. She just used a doppler to listen to my baby's heartbeat and then just felt my tummy to determine size and position of baby (hehe how old school)

But that's fine. My actual complaint is that when they need your bloodwork done, ultrasound done, or whatever kind of test, she just writes requests in her little notepad and you have to leave her clinic and go to some other level in the hospital and have someone else do the test. (which means one whole day of queueing) i guess these stuff i just took for granted in SG. Its pretty convenient to just go in the clinic, have your blood/urine taken from you and lie next to my ob's ultrasound machine, all in one room. (and yes, pay your bills there as well) I'm pretty ticked with the blood/urine.. that can easily be taken by the doctor and they can send it to the lab. OH WELL. (i'm sure there are pinoy OBs out there who have their own equipment inside the clinic) forgot its not the norm.

oh Pangs, my EVER sweet and thoughtful husband sent me flowers today! I panicked a bit (is it our anniv? is it our gf-bf-anniv? is it MY Birthday!??? lol) but it was him being super supportive.

my loveeeeeely flowers

It came with this message:

Dear Che,

Cheer up pangs! Don't worry too much, I'm sure everything will be ok, with you and tsug-tsug. I'm quite confident that he'll come on time and I'll be there with you in the delivery room.

I miss you pangs, really really miss you. Can't wait to see you this May. I love you so much.

Lastly, happy white day.

Your pangs,


P.S. Kain ka lagi dami, dont forget your vitamins and drink lots of liquid.

I am so spoiled by my hubby. Miss you a lot! (*tingin sa taas*)

That's it for now. Oh, and white day is like Japanese Valentine's day. So happy white day to everyone!!


jane said...

sweet naman! happy howaito dei! =D

yup! very convenient yung process sa SG for preggy gals.. sinasamahan ko kasi yung friend ko sa OB nya.. we're there 30 minutes before the clinic opens.. and everyone knows who goes first then next etc.. even without the list! =)

harbie said...

hangsweet naman ni pangs mo gewi! *insert inggit emoticon here* wehehe! =P

btw, you have the right to bitch... first you are preggy, so hormonal imbalance. hahaha! secondly, the system really sucks talaga in pinas. imagine nga sa emergency rooms naghihingalo na minsan, tinatanungan pa ng pang-deposit sa hospital. tsk.

hey, gawin mo kaming online diary mo ha. double purpose, gets the worry out of your mind, and serves as reference pag kami naman ang tesbun. hehehe!

rEeYuH said...

im a silent advocate of la leche filipinas hehe kaya i encourage breastfeeding. go go gewi!

sayang ang goodie balikbayan box! kelan ang baby shower? reserve mo nko sa pigeon washing liquid. haha

geWi said...

lol! ni-baby shower na ako ng opismeyts ko dati, yung stroller binigay nila. you can still send me the pigeon washing liquid. haha. yan yung bottle nipple and vegetable washer diba?

and my balikbayan box came last saturday wooohoooo!!!!!!!!!

tin said...

hi! i've been dropping in to read your blog (cause your life reads like telenovela). i'm a medical intern and your preggy worries are right up my line of work. i think you are doing great though! just have to ask... can't hubby come home earlier? as in really really can't?
ps: real labor pains: regularly occuring starting from the highest point of your tummy (fundus)going either downwards or towards your back. will come in increasing frequency... as in from 30 to 10 to 5 to 2 mins apart. you'll know. promise.

geWi said...

hi tin! salamat sa comment, really appreciate it. pramis uh, malalaman ko uh! hehehe!

ndi talaga eh pwede si hubby eh, april 25 nga sa singapore pa lang sya nun, wala pa dito. :(