Tuesday, July 11, 2006

...the week that was

my last week was heavy with work load.. it was so surreal working as early as 8am in the office, i mean literally working, not just showing up. l o l. i have two work requests that missed the SLA already and i had 3 14 hour workdays na OTY. Why? because i'm past the friggin estimates already and i can't afford to charge extra time on it, so i just charge my regular hours.

our team went to Mall of Asia last last Saturday, we went Ice Skating. saya hehe. i knew how to skate a bit ('cause i rollerblade) so i could pretty much skate without falling but my teammates where a different story. still, they all learned pretty fast, without further injury. i love skating, hope i'll have the chance to be better at it (is there a skating rink in Singapore?). i don't mean doing the jumps or turns or whatever.. just want to learn how to put my right foot over my left foot when i skate, bwahahah. and to use the toepick(?) properly without falling flat on your face. and maybe take up speed skating. hehe.

the team

Pangs bought a new camera! check out his pictures at his singapore blog here. He bought a canon 30d. Waah inggits aku. I'm thinking of buying a canon s3is but Pangs is convincing me to buy a DSLR so i might buy a Canon 350d, but i haven't really decided yet.

Have read a lot of books too.. got my new Gossip Girl book (Only in My Dreams), the 3rd part of the Jessica Darling series (Charmed Thirds) and now a Simon Green novel (Agents of Light and Darkness)

Finally was able to watch Superman Returns last Sunday. Nagandahan naman ako. Or maybe i'm a sucker for love stories. kasi, ndi siya ma-action mashado, madrama. Pero i liked it!

I'm counting the days til my visit to Singapore.. gusto ko ng makita si Pangs! haaay.

Also talked about a "business" venture (in quotes, kasi baka maging monkey business) with my officemates here.. pero testingin muna namin, kwento ko pag meh results na hehe.

Yun muna. lang kwenta noh? hay.


harbie said...

"she works hard for the money!" ;-) hehehe!

rEeYuH said...

speaking of work... our division just reorganized... for the transition period, we'll be reporting to our div head. argh. wonder what happened to our boss? nalipat sa ibang team eh... hmm...

grabeee lapit na gewi! galore! kaso sandali lng... well, in these times.. u just have to settle...