Thursday, June 29, 2006



warning. this is going to be depressing.

the title just says it all.. i just feel that nothing is easy for me this past few months.. work is just the pits. or the shit. the bad shit. or whatever you want to call it. i feel like i'm crawling on my knees.. i've got a work request that i'm still working on and the deadline for that one was two weeks ago. i don't even want to think about the estimate for that. (400% more? The shit.)

going home alone is hmmm... lonely. no other word for it. i just miss Raymond so much. but nothing beats going home to your parents' house, it's so..teenage-ish.

Raymond's Uncle died this week. His funeral is this Sunday.

My husband lives technically only 3 hours away but i can't see him. well, at least before the end of next month. Thinking about him makes it hard to breathe, so what is the solution? I try not thinking of him, which is just, impossible.

But you know what's more depressing? It's the fact that my complaints are so damn petty. That when I tell these to people, they'll just say, "You are being a brat. You don't know how lucky you are." which is of course, very true and that just depresses me more. Compared to World Hunger, my problems would probably earn me a beating if I had the nerve to share my 'sad' story to anyone. That's why I did this on the blog. It's not as if you could physically slap me here. Even music depresses me. I downloaded every single song in the 5 The OC mix albums and it did me no good. Maybe because it's so emo, i hate emo.

One big *sigh*. I just want my husband.. *insert wailing here*


Ruy and Liv said...

The sadness you are feeling is real. It's unfair for you to compare it to world hunger or to other people. You are entitled to feel bad and to feel sad. Don't feel guilty about whining. You need to let it out before you can begin feeling better. Hope you start feeling better soon!!

harbie said...

amen to the comment above. you're not saying you've got the biggest problem in the world naman eh. and besides, you seldom whine about something, so go ahead, indulge. =P

*hugs gewi higpet*

rEeYuh said...

harbz's right. you're not saying you have the biggest problem, but what makes it big is because it's yours. you own it. its ok to rant. let it all out. you'll feel better.

*group hug*

midnitebara said...

you're only human, and we humans are created with feelings so its ok to let it all out! think of it this way..
" you are not alone in your plight, Im sure raymond feels the same way too! "

jane said...

*sama sa group hug* =)

isipin mo na lang.. each day is one day closer to being with your pangs.. ;) *hugs*

geWi said...

wow guys. thanks so much.. means a lot to me. *hugs*

Charolism said...

"but nothing beats going home to your parents' house, it's so..teenage-ish."

Amen I say to you!


jane said...

unrelated comment =)

gewi! sure ka na punta sa wedding namin di ba? sama mo ba si mister? im finalizing the headcount po kasi..

thanks thanks! ^_^

geWi said...

yep janey! sure na sure,, with mister

twistedzero said...

still no updates? sad!